• Hi all, this is I again with my new adopted four year old basenji Rowdy. My friend brought him up last Sunday and today has been the first day he and I have been alone together without my friend, though in our family we also have: my husband, our border collie Jenny and two cats, my mom, and her two poodles.

    It has been very interesting… Rowdy tipped over the kitchen trash several times, ignored our no!s, and ran in to eat cat poo every time we let him loose in the house. He also tried to steal some craft supplies, chased and terroized the two cats, jumped on the furniture, and refused to go outside when told to, so that we had to chase him down and drag him out. He also pulled so hard on the leash, that I thought I'd not be able to walk him, as I have arthritis.

    On the good side, he is very calm about being petted, very affectionate without a lot of jumping and licking, and he wants to be with his people in an appealing way.

    I've found out that he retrieves the frisbee just as my border collie does. He went into the new crate I bought very easily, as if he knew exactly what it was for, and ate his dinner there. When I got a squirt bottle, he stopped doing his bad stuff when I squirted him. My friend bought a gentle leader halter, which magically improved his walking with me.

    I think I'm going to like him and love him and enjoy having him. I hope...! We got a trash can with a locking top and plan to put a small cat door into the cats' area, so the door can be closed against the dogs. This evening I notice that both cats are out and about. Rowdy is tied by the leash to the coffee table and asleep in his little bed. 🙂

  • Congrats on your new arrival!! All I can recommend is that if you want Rowdy to do something, have a treat on the other hand. This breed is food motivated and you have to remember to keep it of a higher value than their regular kibble. (cheese, meat, poultry …) They do not do well if forced. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you for the next couple months. Enjoy and keep us posted - Pictures??? Please post pics.

  • A word to the wise…."no" is useless used at a Basenji when cat poo or garbage is involved. Find a way to keep the cat box and the garbage out of reach, and then start some basic obedience where you can teach the dog what "leave it" means. But they will never "leave it" once you turn your back 😉 ..... they ARE Basenjis 🙂

  • Yea, my Sahara loves cat poo, I had to shock her a couple of times for her to leave the cat poo alone. I had a shock collar b/c nothing else worked, I tried everything. The trash can I got a bag of lead out of my hubby's work shop and put it in the bottom, now too heavy to turn over. She will still go to it and put her long neck way down in the top and stretch to get something but now I just twist the bag when it gets close to the top. Basenjis are not like any other dog, and they are the best, they will work you to death, never a dull moment, but I think it is worth it all. I have had a few dogs in my life but this is by far the favorite. They love you like no other and love to hang out with you, sleep with you, and just be with you. It's GREAT!!!!

  • Thanks for the replies! Haha, that's a good solution for your trash, youngnt. I put the trash can behind a barrier of recycle containters and the heavy dog food holder, and so far he's respected it. But he chewed my favorite leather leash in half today. I had that leash years ago and it took me through with my favorite dog to obedience trials and first places! Grrrr. I guess it is silly to be sentimentally attached to a leash, :mad:

    My husband is liking Rowdy a lot for his gentle way of being petted. Jenny jumps and licks and wiggles and smiles when she gets love. Rowdy stands very very still with his forehead against your leg and just enjoys the pats.

    Any of you have shy kitties who have learned not to run when your basenji threatens to chase? I hope my Chamois can come out again soon to be part of the family.

  • Basenji's arepredatory and will chase cats if they run. I have one cat (a ragdoll) who doesn't move fast. Period. They won't bother her at all. She'll come up and they'll sniff her then leave her alone. The other cats they would chase forever because they run and fight back. I put up a baby gate down the hall for when she comes up, then she has an escape spot if she needs it. The cats live downstairs, the dogs up and two of them go outside b/c they are mousers. The ragdoll goes outside on a leash or we watch her.

    As for the trashcan, mine is hidden, under the sink, with a baby lock on the cupboards. Shadow knows how to open doors and I have aquired quite a few baby locks.

  • Hi Arlene, what is a Boxenji like? Sounds fun.

  • We have the same experience with cats. As long as they don't run they are safe. My old cat barely moves so Dash leaves him alone. Our younger one fights back and plays so she gets tormented. I just make sure she has escape to get away from him.

  • A Boxenji is a great big goof of a dog who had an affliction called HOD (Hyper trophic osteodystrophy), grew up with Basenji's and think she's one. You should see her run along the back of the couch-absolutely hilarious. She also yodels.

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