• I didn't understand at first,
    I thought she was misbehaving.
    Grabbing the toilet paper and dashing out of the room...
    Ripping (bigger) holes in the socks I left by the bed...
    Chewing on the attachment to my hair dryer that never gets used...
    I thought I was just learning about having a Basenji.
    Then I caught her!
    As she turned to look back half way down the hall...
    I'd swear she had a laugh in her eyes.
    With a "catch me if you can!" smirk on her face.
    She wasn't trying to be a bad dog...
    She just wanted me to play a bit with her.
    So I knotted up that old ace bandage,
    And we played "tug of war".
    The material was stretchy,
    Which just made it more fun.
    We played a little bit.
    She didn't need to grab more things.
    Now we understand eachother.
    She was only bored.

  • So true!

  • Yep. 🙂
    Just like children, you can give them good attention or bad... you are in control.

  • Such a cute story...and so true!

  • It is their boredom that you have to curtail (pardon the pun), not there energy or their spirit. I have four Bs, and they all have different personalities. The bones keep them occupied for a while, and they keep their teeth clean. Their teeth are important.

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