• 🙂 Stella got to meet another B and she did not try to hurt him she was playing. I am so proud of my little girl. She always trys to fight w/ other dogs but not this B and they just moved 3 houses down from me.:) 😃 She has never seen another B before🆒

  • B's are "breedist" sometimes. I think that's why they keep a clean bloodline back in Africa. A lot of b's just don't much care for other breeds of dogs.

  • Our Bs so far have been really great with other dogs. They met a big black lab, and they played together really well. They met our friends' 2 HUGE Great Danes, and they were good then too. Also with the neighbor's shepherd mix, and my mom's German Shepherd and Bulldog/Boxer mix. They have yet to meet another B though. We'll see!

  • Congrats, I hope she continues to enjoy playing with her new friend!

  • i was really worried about taking my new basenji to the dog park this past weekend, because his last owner said he was bad with other dogs, but he had so much fun! i'm proud of him! he even got a girlfriend (and boyfriend!!) (this gorgeous rosey light fawn-greyish colored italian greyhound - absolutely beautiful!) and then this grey male i.g. started humping him, lol.. that's the boyfriend :p . so good job to your basenji! it's so nice to see them get along with others!

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