Basenji, I'm Overwhelmed…..HELP!!!

  • You asked about electric fences
    Please keep in mind they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from an invisible fence
    Debra mentioned an electric fence.
    I have had these attached to my fence for over 15 years and the ONLY time there was an issue was when my crazy 1/2 AFs unplugged it and took off out the yard.
    I run it along the bottom of the fence all the way around, and then back along the top of the fence.
    The dogs learn quick to stay away from the fencing… and also do not dig in the yard [one dig near the fence cures them of that].

    Now, an invisible fence… a waste of your money.
    If you want to buy one, just get out some matches and burn your money.
    You will get more pleasure out of that....
    invisible fences do nothing for a bright dog, and allow any animal in the yard to attack/kill your dog.

    Hope things are getting better with your pup!

  • Kathy, Duh moment. I said electric, meant invisible.

    I actually bought an electric fence kit before I got my first basenji to be prepared for having to install it. Was a waste of about $50 bucks as she never tried to climb my 6 ft fence. But I totally agree, you add it to a fence and not many dogs going to crawl over one!

  • @tanza:

    6 or 8wks? If only six weeks, way to young to have left the litter and even at 8wks, a bit young. I don't place my pups until at least 10wks

    Sorry he is 8 weeks… that was just a typo.

  • In my experience a Basenji will brave an electric fence or any form of restraining fence if there is prey beyond it. I wonder what voltage fence you're using?

  • I have found that hot wires (not invisable fencing) works really well. Like Kathy said, line the top and bottom of the fence will keep most all Basenjis off them…. I always recommend voltage that is typically used for cattle or horses.

  • And then you have a Basenji pup like Nickie (short for Necromancer) who was determined to "kill" the wire no matter how much it shocked him (and it was a low level charge believe me). His litter mates would hit the wire around the garden once and then leave the area and not ever attempt to go thru it again. Nickie would attack it once a day. He would do the Basenji bow at it and then the pounce. It was so very funny, he was so special he went to live with my in laws. He never attempted to climb any fence, he just wanted into my flower garden and the fish pond.

  • I have found the website to be very helpful in all training. The training textbook tab is where you want to go.

    Chris Battistelli

  • First Basenji's

    Hey noob! First welcome, and yes you are in the right place for information! MacPack has a good reply and tlish….I have had my boy Uzie for 3months now. He was crated at the breeder, then about 20 hours a day by the previous owner for the next 10 months. He is only crated at various time now, but he still baroos if left in for over 2hours. My mentioning this is just to let you know it is so wrong to keep him in that wire box for too long. It has taken me the 3months to help him overcome separation anxiety, counter-clockwise circles of anxiety, and then some. They need stimulation, stimulation, exertion with a running exercise, and then some for mental health. Can you actually have a doggy day care, or 'dog sitter' break up the day? I realize you go to work and school, so do you think you are doing right by having any dog????? esp a Basenji. Please do not crate him at night, this is at least the bonding time for you all as a 'pack' Please think through the scenario of the situation thoroughly. Maybe a cat for companionship? They do better alone as a species than a dog....(you said no matter how harsh...)

  • First Basenji's

    I just read through the entire previous 6 pages. I will tell you that he probably keeps on screeming all day. Uzie did per the previous owners' housemates…...NOT HEALTHY FOR HIM. poor Buddy.....

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