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Thank you for the concern. I will take him to the vet asap and keep everyone posted.

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My Basenji Buddy (original I know!!) is 1 1/2 years old and has been acting wierd lately. Yesterday, however, in the middle of the night, Buddy wet the bed while sleeping. After my Fiancee and I realized that it wasnt either of us(thank god), we could not understand why he did it? It was alot too!! This happened around 2am. We switched beds, went back to sleep after cleaning up and right after waking up around 6am Buddy made it down the stairs and pee'd LOTS again on the floor. Told him no but he couldnt stop(he looked embarassed). He usually can hold it during the night and during the day while we are both at work but the past couple of days have been different. He can't hold it anymore.

We also recently had to change his food cuz he will not eat his regular food…....I have tried almost every brand of dry dog food and he hates it. My trainers said that he will eat it eventually but that is incorrect......Buddy is stubborn(what Basenji isn't).....He would literally starve himself or eat a couple of mouthfuls and then vomit it up......he's quite skinny now and i'm getting worried......I figured maybe it's an allergy to chicken because when he was a pup he loved everything chicken but now being older it makes him vomit. I switched over to "Taste Of The Wild" Salmon flavour and he doesn't like the dry food but he loves the chunky wet version of it. The vomitting has stopped with the wet food....He wants more and he never wants more food which is a good thing right? His bed wetting/eliminating in the house problems started occuring a couple of days after we swtiched his foods. I hope it's not the food that's doing this because we've finally found something that he will eat and not vomit up within 30mins of eating.

My vet has no background on basenji's and looks to me like i should know. After explaining the eating issue to her she broke out this Giant symptom book and could not narrow it down the slightest......she did however give me a long pricey list of what she could do....guaranteeing nothing, more like an expensive process of elimination procedure.

Buddy has also been sleeping more than normal the past couple of days but his personality hasnt changed much....

I need help in narrowing this down......Does anyone know what this might be??

I should also inform everyone that we got our Buddy from "PAWS R US Kennels", which im pretty sure was the biggest bust of a backyard breeder in canadian history....over 500 dogs of various breeds.....I dont want to get into it cuz it just makes my blood boil about the treatment of their dogs but the problem might have come from the breeder......I'm throwing everything out there just in case...

I've got him booked into the vets later this week but I know she wont be able to help that much, prolly just another expensive quote.


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Once he has all his shots i will begin the classes.

what about his crating?? he doesnt hate his crate, he'll go in it when the door is open its just when the door is closed and im leaving…crate games didnt really work because he will just stop going in the crate after i close the door once.....even with lots of treats.

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nono he IS with us at night…..the second I get home he's either hanging out with me or hanging out with my Girlfriend or getting walked and playing. I was reading this basenji website and found this Peek-a-boo game for separation anxiety. Not working.

I just find it hard to do anything around the house because he's always with me but sometimes he's just in my way(if that makes any sense). and if im in another room and he cant see me he starts his whinning routine which is equally annoying than being in my way. Just wondering if B's get a lil more independent and if there's anything I can do to help him with his indepedence?

Another question, does anyone use electric dog fences with their B's? Good or Bad idea?? If Good, then at what age do you start??

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Quick update for everyone following Buddy's situation…..Im taking him on alot of long walks and lots of play time and he has gotten better.
He's pretty good at holding his potty over night which is impressive because of his age and the odd night he does need to get out he lets us know and im up and out the door.
I am having trouble with his crating situation. Against my wishes but for my sanity he is sleeping with us. I was leaving him in the bedroom during the day but he seems to be getting in more trouble by the day. I tried the crate games but it's not working no matter how high my level of patience. I feed him in the crate now too but it doesnt stop him from peeing in it. The only time he does his buisness in the house is in his crate when we are gone. Does this mean the crate is too big??? Is putting him in his crate and leaving a bad idea?? I ask because he knows we are leaving and puts up a fight to either get out of the crate or the bedroom?? will he grow to accept the crate? is this a puppy phase?? I would give him the run of the whole house if he wasnt like this. Please tell me he grows out of this.

Also he's having difficulties with us not being in his sight. I've tried the sneaking out of the room and then letting him know im still here but he cant wait for long periods. Is this a puppy thing aswell, that maybe he will grow out of or something he needs to be taught some other way??

I would like to again thank everybody for their input!! Some ideas have really worked out well, others not so much but maybe i need a different approach because all dogs are different.

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im using a wire crate for medium size dogs. 2ft x 3ft x 21/2ft. The kong and kong paste failed. He had no interest in it whatsoever. Frozen oatmeal in the kong also didnt work at all. I moved his crate into the living room and he seems to kinda like hanging out in there. My issue with this is that we cant put him in there while we are at home to shower or anything because if he can hear us he's screeching. The crate retraining isnt going so well. He likes his crate but will only like it on his own terms. High value treats dont seem to interest him when its having to do with going in the crate. He can hold his bladder throughout the night however he gets quite restless in the morning hours but still doesnt get up or whine just moving around to get comfortable, which i understand is not a problem just annoying.

Since i have gotten buddy my stomach has been in knots to the point where i cant eat, i feel sick to my stomach all day and have trouble sleeping. I realize this is not a B problem but was wondering if anyone can relate to my situation. Im not sure if this has anything to do with buddy specifically but im having trouble getting back to my usual self. This issue has only came to light since getting my buddy. Anyone understand or relate to this….

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Thanks to everyone to who has commented and helped my girldfriend and I with our Basenji pup situation. I am gonna start feeding him in his crate and I will try these crate games to see if this helps. Also I bought a kong with some peanut butter flavoured Kong paste, that will be his crate only toy for when I leave for work.

Any pointers on how to begin over again with crate training? Can I put the crate in another room to do this or should i begin with where it is now(which is in my bedroom, beside my bed.).

If anyone has any more suggestions please keep them coming.

Again, everyone has been a big help and thank you all very much!!

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I have stopped crating him at night. It seems to be working better but while he's in the crate during the day does he ever stop screeching? He's screeching when I leave and screeching when i get back. please tell me he doesnt do that all day and also please tell me that he'll grow out of the screeching stage when my girlfriend and I aren't around.

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How long have you had him and how old is he?

If you are crating him during the night and day, I believe that is way too much crating. How long is he crated during the day?

Have you contacted the breeder regarding this? Was he crated at the breeders before you obtained him? He may have been with his littermates and he is not used to being alone.


He was not crated at the breeders and was with his littermates. i'd say he's crated for 3-4 hours, let out and then crated again until i come home, max another 3-4 hours, plus crated all night. How do you know when crating becomes to much? Do i leave him out during the day or at night?

I've tried the crate in the bedroom too but I can be infront of the crate and if the door is closed he will go directly to his whining screech.

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Thanks alot wizard for the quick reply,

He's 3 months old, I know he's young and has alot to learn but wow he's persistent.

As for the leaving during the day, when i come back acting all casual, do i open the crate right away? Do I acknowledge him at all?

Any tips you have for housebreaking/training would be much appreciated!

I'm already reading through the behavior and training forums but if someone wants to points any ones out that would be great.


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