Basenji in Brampton?

HI Guys
We have a 7 month old basenji looking to meet/play with another in brampton.

Where is Brampton? I live in SW Florida?

I have a 4 year old and live near Mavis and Derry which is almost border to Brampton.

Text me sometime. [private phone number removed]

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Hey @oslynch58 and @starcentral there is a Basenji meetup in Toronto at High Park next Sunday at 11am!! Have you heard? If not, feel free to message me for more details. Hope to see both of you and your B's there! We have a 7 month old pup and his name is Benji 🙂

@yaleezaforeva - thanks I didn't know about that. We won't be around this weekend, but maybe next time.

My last Basenji's name was BENJI -- we use to love saying "Benji the Basenji" it was always so funny. We put him down around 4 years ago, now we have RUFFLES. lol

@starcentral ahh ok! next time 🙂 and that is awesome! ruffles is an adorable name!!

@sandy-hovis hey Sandy sorry should've been specific in Toronto, Canada

@starcentral Hey your definitely close! Awesome send me an email so we can exchange #'s [removed private email]

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@yaleezaforeva We're away this weekend but please let me know where these meetups are posted so we can join the next one. Thanks

@sandy-hovis Where are YOU? I live on Anna Maria Island?

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