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@zande its a little harsh to suggest we're treating him like a toy that we're "putting in a cupboard when he's inconvenient for us." as mentioned, we're simply trying to get him comfortable with us being away as we'll eventually have to do so when going to work...during that time, we'll also be ensuring that his time apart isn't for a full 8 hour day, especially as a young puppy, and rather broken into at least two intervals with one of us coming home or a dog walker or a family member. as it stands, he also likes being in his crate overnight right beside our bed (safe space) so that doesn't seem to be an issue whatsoever.. plus we're simply just trying to understand what the best approach is for him to be left alone when we go back to work.

we really appreciate your upfrontness and transparency about this...maybe you're suggesting the right approach...we're new at this and so we'll message you to discuss further! again, we appreciate you taking the time to provide advice.

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@elbrant that’s great advice, thanks for sharing! we make sure to take him for a walk every morning and play once he returns and has had his meal; of course, once we start working we’ll be ensuring we tire him out to his heart’s content before we leave! with respect to leaving entirely when training him as if we’re away for work, we’ve just been hesitant given how loud he could be within our condo walls BUT understand that there’s no way around it if we truly want to train him to be comfortable with us leaving since we’ll eventually be leaving for work for we’ll make sure to actually leave for the next few days and see how it goes. thanks again (ps - we’re also going to try leaving a t shirt with our smell in his crate to comfort him).

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@tanza just to clarify, we aren’t crating him all day then all again when we’re back...we’re actually on vacation right now to spend as much time as we can taking care of him, getting him familiar with his new environment and training him to set him up for success. We have been crating him in small intervals during the day in order to practice for how it will be like when we head to work during the day outside of which he is out of his crate and roaming freely...and as mentioned, we’ll be ensuring to break his day into two once we go back to work by coming home at lunch/ dog walker/ family visit/ etc.

our main concern is getting him to be comfortable with being crated during the day when we start go back to working...

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@eeeefarm thanks for all the advice, truly appreciated! we’ll try the toy in his crate trick and also the treat games to see how he responds.

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Hi all - for those that remember, our little guy Benji had trouble adjusting to sleeping in the Vari Kennel crate overnight. After switching to a wire crate, he's been sleeping quietly every night in his wire crate beside our bed. He doesn't seem to be anxious whatsoever with sleeping in there.

However, we are now faced with him screaming in his crate any time we put him in there during the day, whether we are in the same room, a room nearby or outside of our condo. He also pees (very little) in there out of frustration. We have made sure to give lots of positive reinforcement whenever he's quiet, we feed him his food and water in there, also give him bully sticks and keep a toy and nylabone for his entertainment.

We both work full-time and will be returning to work mid-way through next week. Of course, we'll be making sure that we break his day up by coming home at lunch/ having a family member/ friend drop by to take him out for a potty break so he's not in there for more than 4 hours.

Any tips on how we can ensure he's comfortable enough not to scream constantly (regardless of if we are here or not); Also, any tips on how we can get him to stop peeing out of frustration? PS - we have a camera set up to see what he's up to when we're not in the room and he screams the same.

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@zande sounds good! we'll send over the pic shortly and he's a red and white boy. 🙂

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@zande We are very pleased as well! Sounds good - trying to figure out how to upload an image as the one I am uploading is showing as file too large. Once I get this sorted, you'll have a photo! Thanks again 🙂

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@zande @tanza that's awesome and good to know - we took your advice and bought him a wire crate to see how he would fare with the added visibility. And... ta-da! He would go in voluntarily to check out his toys, chew on his bully stick, nap, etc. I was able to shut the crate door during these times (I spent the day building up to this) and when it was time for bedtime he wasn't bothered WHATSOEVER. Not a peep! I want to shout at the rooftops in happiness! We are such proud parents 😄 This was a complete change from the prior 2 nights where he was squealing at the top of his lungs throughout the entire night and the neighbours even banged on the wall 2 times in 1 night (we live in a condo).

First vet appointment today so we will bring up the UTI check 🙂 Our little boy is named Benji and here's a photo!

alt text

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@eeeefarm The crate is located right beside our bed (not facing us though, because I wanted to try parallel to the bed first. I will turn it to face us as a plan B if we really need to). Feeding outside of the crate is a good idea, I will keep that in mind - thank you! However......We just fed him dinner in his crate, this time with the door open, and he didn't pee right away! We made sure to immediately pick him up and put him on a pee pad and he peed on the pad which brought him a reward of course. Good call on giving him treats/food without closing the door. Baby steps for sure...

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Hi everyone,

We brought home our 11 week basenji pup yesterday. His name is Benji.

He has had a few incidents in his Vari Kennel crate. So far, boiling it down to 2 issues...

#1 It seems as though he gets pretty anxious quickly when the door locks and/or if we leave him alone in there for a few minutes. Daytime/Nighttime. He will nervous pee and poo during these scenarios and we are almost certain he is eating his poop right after.

#2 We've been feeding him food/water in there to create a positive and safe space (+ blankets, toys, bullystick during daytime etc.) however he pees immediately after chowing down his meal. I don't even have a chance to do anything because it's instantaneous.

There were some positives however... He did manage to fall asleep twice last night in between potty breaks outside, both with the help of the Snuggle Puppy and background soothing music. Lots of screaming nonetheless. Poor guy.

Any advice on #1 and #2 would be greatly appreciated!

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