Did I finally solve the breed mystery?

  • We've had our sweet Milo for a year and a half now. He was a shelter puppy when we found him and NO ONE could tell us what breed he was mixed with. Everyone pegged him as part corgi because he has such short legs and maybe part pit, then today a facebook ad had a picture of a dog that looked just like him - a Basenji! After falling down a rabbit hole I ended up here! I'm still not 1000% convinced, but his behavior seems to line up with the breed. He never barks- which we originally thought was weird, and he does cat like grooming (and stretches) all the time!
    Because you all have experience with the breed can you tell me if you feel like he could be mixed with it? Either way he's the best dog we've ever had!!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Definitely a Basenji, they often, like our Archie have a slight squint. In the morning I do my stretches while he does his.

  • What a sweetie! Why do they look so angelic when sleeping? LOL

    Looks like a Basenji -- I can see why you think he is part Basenji -- but looks can be deceiving. (The first pic not so much but if you had told me the last two pics were of a Basenji I wouldn't doubt that for a moment). The DNA tests are more conclusive. Plus they are easy to do and don't cost that much. If you're curious I'd go that route. Who knows, you might have an explanation for some "different" behaviors. On the other hand if you're not that curious knowing his breed mixture won't change anything. You're good to go either way.

  • @colefam2010
    Yes Looks part Basenji to me - especially 2nd photo. Beautiful dog - a real cutie!

  • A side view would be helpful, with him standing. Yes, the face looks suggestive of Basenji, although the muzzle isn't quite right. Markings and colour are bang on. Short legs are not! How tall and how much does he weigh?

  • There is very probably Basenji in there somewhere but a DNA test would tell you for sure. The first pic is not very convincing but the other two are. Whatever mix he is, he's a lovely wee man - may you continue to enjoy his company for many a long year !

  • Portuguese Podengo.....basenjis dont appear to carry the dwarf gene.... there was someone in the NE us who was breeding them at one time. Likely the breeds share some common ancestry. That said, the ear shape is not correct for either breed. a mystery.

  • I don't see Podengo - I got to know several when I was asked to photograph one for his owner a couple of years running at the same show. I fell in love with him. Lovely, short-haired little creature, unusually. Short Haired are more rare. There were always quite a few Podengos at that particular venue. Very like a Basenji in many respects -

  • He definitely sleeps like my Basenji does.

  • @dmcarty said in Did I finally solve the breed mystery?:

    Portuguese Podengo

    Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

    I had to go look, maybe.... but I do agree with @eeeefarm, a photo from the side, dog standing, would go a long way towards our "best guess"

  • Awe! He’s a cutie! ❤️ Yes, a B Boy!

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