• I know B's are not supposed to like water, but our boy Korben loves to play in the hose. If I am outside watering plants, Korben will chase the water, try to grab it with his mouth and run back and forth under it. If I squirt the hose into a small pool he will even jump in there and try to get it. Just curious if any other B's out there enjoy water as well.

  • He just hasn't heard that he is not suppose to like water, don't get him around other B's they'll spoil it and tell him!! Mine hates water with a passion with a capital "P".

  • Out of the five Basenjis I have had, one was fine with water and would follow me in swimming, another would jump off the dock in pursuit of water skiers, and the other three would only swim if you threw them in! My last was good on my paddleboard, because the alternative was to get wet, definitely not his thing! None of them liked baths and none of them enjoyed being rained on.

  • I even had a bitch that hung on for 24 hours because it was raining. Eventually I coaxed her out and she kept very close to the walls and under the eaves to toilet. I put a collar on and lead, and walked her until she went in the rain, but as soon as she went, she insisted on going home, about a mile away, and she spent the rest of the morning getting that nasty water stuff of her.

    Another time, it was really hot, and she was happy to paddle in the shallows of a major river. So they will get wet if there is a good reason.

  • I wish my Basenji liked the water. We have a summer camp on a reservoir - my Kembe will NOT go into the water. She loves our pontoon boat, she loves to sun bath - but refuses to go into the lake. Be happy that your Basenji likes the water!

  • It takes all kinds. I've heard of humans who like Basenjis! LOL

  • It wasn't too long after I brought 'doodle' home that she needed to get from the car to front door in the rain. She stood in the car and wouldn't budge. I picked her up, took her in, and she found out she was going to get wet either way. She got over it.

    Her hunting instincts, however, far outweigh any concerns about getting wet! Small critters (frogs, water bugs, etc.) get investigated, and then ignored. Squirrels are much more interesting and she will circle the tree with any movement from branch to branch. sigh, they always get away But geese? Oh, and we have soooo many geese that summer in our town! A gaggle of geese in a pond - splash! - she jumps right in!! Anything to get at those geese!

    She's clearly forgotten to be finicky!

  • My Franie loves to chase the hose, does the same as your Korben

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