Jibini's quirky new water bowl preferences

  • We just moved to a new house 2 mos ago. For the first time in Jibini's life, there are 2 "permanent" water bowls available in his domain. One in the kitchen and one in the "dog's room" where they stay when I'm not home. Other than location, both bowls are exactly the same, kept clean & refreshed daily.

    The dogs usually have access to one bowl at a time- either the kitchen OR the dog room bowl. Door between areas is always shut whether I'm home or not.

    And now that Jibini has the "luxury" of two bowls, he has developed a snobbish "preference" for one over the other. Only, this preference changes constantly depending on which side of the door he's on!!! He has an almost desperate desire to drink from the bowl on the OTHER side of the door, when a full bowl is right in front of him.

    Say they're home alone in the dog room for 5 hours, with plenty of chew hooves. Both dogs chew the hooves when I'm not there. Chewing makes Jibini thirsty, always has. But, when I come home, the level in the water bowl is usually about the same. As soon as I open the door and let them into the main house, Jibini goes to the kitchen for a good long drink from the kitchen bowl. Like he's been holding out, putting up with "dry mouth" from chewing, because he knows the Magical Water in the Land of The Other Side will taste that much better if he's thirsty.

    Today, I was home all day. Dogs were largely inactive indoors. Both made brief visits to the kitchen water bowl for a few brief sips- normal intake for lazy days! Around noon I decided it was time for a potty/walk. I open the door to the dog room to grab leashes and Jibini beelines for the dog-room water bowl for a fairly long drink. I am inclined to think he wasn't even THIRSTY, simply taking advantage of the "forbidden" water when he saw his chance.

    I have watched this new behavior develop over the last month and it has become quite consistent. Nothing else has changed about Jibini; his overall water intake is basically the same & no change in urination. Strip tests monthly & he's negative. Full thyroid panel in Feb & he's within normal limits.

    I can't think of any other health issue to rule out "in case"โ€ฆ.I am convinced this is just a Jibini "quirk" based on the breed's natural tendency to want what they cannot have....LOL. He has always been a water-licker....our legs after a shower, will dry off rain, condensation on cups, etc. Maybe he actually likes water enough that "forbidden water" is really THAT much of a motivation to him. Anybody else have any ideas???

    As Basenjis go, Jibini hasn't been too quirky, so he's overdue for some weirdness. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ It's about time....Jibini is my first Basenji and I sought out a pup that would be on the "easier" side of the Basenji spectrum. Several folks reccomended his breeder (Hacker's) for exceptional temperament. Jibini is exactly what I asked her for....a sweet, people-social boy; a super truckerdog who only destroyed about $200 worth of stuff in his life (and half of that was eating a $100 bill) ๐Ÿ˜ƒ But as my Basenji experience grew, I've been a little envious of some of the wildy quirky & hilarious behaviors I've read about. Like the Lucy Liu stories on the chat lists. I want a quirky Basenji now!!!

    Maybe Jibini is like one of those people who gets really, really eccentric in his old age (he's 8)?? This is just the beginning?? LOLโ€ฆ.that would be great....bring on the weirdness!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Got to love the quirks!! They wouldn't be the same without it. B-Man lets me know when he needs water. He brings me the water dish and sets it on my lap, then hits me until he gets attention. I've even woken up with the dish on top of me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think it's a B thing cause Jaycee has her water bowl in the kitchen and Spice has her's in the Diningroom. Any time Jaycee can get to Spice's water bowl she drinks like there is no more water. Then when Spice try's to get a drink Jaycee will either filp it over or stand in it. Just another day but you still love them. I think Jaycee is crazy most of the time but she came to the right house that is for sure.

    Rita Jean

  • I agree with the "it's a B thing". Medjai has a big bowl outside, a small one in the bathroom and he still dashes for the water bottle in his crate, which annoys the hell out of me, but he needs to have water in there when he has to be in there for longer periods. I don't think he's drank from the one in the bathroom in over a week. He will go check on it a couple times a day to make sure it's still there though.

  • I have 2 basenjis and two water bowls and two food dishes theses are lined up side by side in the dining room. Doesn't matter Cody wants to drink from Aurora's water dish and she wants to eat from his bowl. They know what they are doing b/c all I have to say is out of your own bowls please and they swtich. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 2 basenjis who share eating out of two bowlsโ€ฆthey have one water bowl by food, one in master bedroom,one outside, all same bowls all have clean daily fresh water....and they only drink out of bowl in master bedroom. they cant wait to get inside and drink from that magic bowl. weird basenjis,just weird

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