• So we now joke that Stick thinks he is a person now. When I allow him to get in bed with me he will crawl under, shimmy around, and carefully crawl back out so his head is the only thing sticking out from under the covers. Not only that, he lays his head on the pillow! It's one thing if he did it once or even twice, but over the last week I've seen him do it a dozen times! Silly dog/cat/person :rolleyes: !

  • This is apparently a common basenji behavior. There are many pics in the gallery of basenjis "sleeping" just this way. They look like people, with their heads on the pillows and the blankets covering their "shoulders"

    We don't let ours on the bed, so I've not witnessed it first hand (I know, I'm a cruel, cruel basenji owner, but no dogs on the bed!)

    Wierd, that they like to sleep that way, but there's proof for ya

  • Tosca does this too, but not all the time. She starts out the night by sleeping under the covers, curled up in a little ball by my legs. However, she must get restless during the night, because by morning she is usually half under the covers. half not, and laying with her limbs streched out. If i pull her up by me she will lay with her head on the pillow and sleep too, and she does this on the couch as well.

  • Magnum is either all the way under the covers or laying on top of the covers. In the almost 4 years we've been together, only twice has he had his head out from under the covers. (I personally think he likes all the "aromas" under there!)

    Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, I guess!

  • We have 2 that love to sleep like that and one that wants to only be buried deep down by our feet.

  • Lola & Booger fight for the coveted under the covers curled up between my legs spot. The loser sleeps under the covers against my side or back, or curled up in front of me so we're spooning. Once the sun comes up, it gets warmer & they both come up for air. Booger sleeps on top of the covers but still curled up against me in some way, and Lola pokes her head out & sleeps with it on the pillow next to mine.

  • In my house the boys always choose to sleep on top of the covers; the girls always choose to sleep underneath. I have no idea why.

  • EL D will occasionally sleep partly on the pillow (when I'm not in the bed). Usually though he sleeps totally under the covers (actually his own sleeping bag on the bed).

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