• My 'B' doesn't do well with water. We were on a walk the other day and the sky got dark.
    It rained so hard it felt like my dead grandmother felt the rain. We got home as if it was only drizzling.
    Amazing smart dogs….

  • If the grass was wet Cody would hold it all day if I had let him. Baths were not fun and early morning dew might as well have been lava.
    Elliot really doesn't care! When I bathed him the first time I was all prepared for a fight and he just stool there like it was nothing.

  • Glad to hear others dont do well with wet feet, For Oakley, there being wet ground is worse than the rain….its like pulling teeth to get him to go!

  • Kaiser also does not like wet grass and when asked to sit on wet concrete we get this awkward bum up sit, he is fine with baths and running around a wet and muddy park if all the other dogs are doing it and surprising enough he plays in the water at the beach but not in deep water or waves, he runs along trying to catch them but staying just out of reach. Wet days he holds on to his solids until he can hold no more and if he holds too long I won't let him in until he goes(don't want a midnight pit stop), for pees he is quick in and out no mucking around. He just isn't interested in walking on wet days or overcast days and gets dragged out if we have been cooped up too long, strange to have a dog that doesn't get excited about walkies.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Two of mine won't go out if it is even misty, the other will walk with no problem in light rain. Eddie is our 'weatherman' if he says no to a walk, it will usually rain within a half hour!

  • Bronson loves baths (that was pretty surprising) but also will NOT go out if the ground is wet. If I take him out, he'll just stand in one place whimpering until I take him in.

  • Perry is far more willing to go out in inclement weather if he is off leash. I guess the trade off is worth it, but if I went (past tense, we have moved from the farm) out the back door with him loose, even in a rain storm, he would come with me readily. Out the front door on a leash, not so much! And in the dog run, also not a happy camper. He would hang out in the doghouse and refuse to venture onto the wet grass or in the rain. Mind you, even off leash he was always quick to dash into the barn if I opened the door. 😉

  • Mine hate the wet grass too. They will even hold up one foot trying desperately to keep at least one dry. Its quite silly.

  • LeeL, that is Cara, one foot at a time held up, CRYING CRYING CRYING. I hate heat but deserts looks pretty appealing thanks to her.

  • Molly is a 'desert dog' most of the year, she doesn't really like 'wet' ground. Bath? she is 8 1/2 never had a bath, cleans herself, everyone comments on how 'beautiful' she looks. When in the northwest, with the rain, she will go in the wet grass. and she loves the tall grass, guess she thinks she is back in the jungle.

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