• Mind you Colbey HATES water. We literally have to pull him out when it rains, and he hates going in the grass when it is wet from dew.

    Yesterday my b/f and I took Colbey to a park in our area where many dog owners go to let their dogs run and jump in the water. When we were there, there were probably 6 retriever type dogs that were running free and jumping into the water. When we let Colbey loose, he went running after the dogs and jumped into the water. You could see in his face that he was thinking "Oh my god, what did I do? I hate water! Get me out!" He swam to the closest piece of shore (which was a big rock), and scrambled up. For the rest of the time we were there, if the other dogs were in the water he paced back and forth on the rocks and whined. It was just like he was pleading with the other dogs to come out of the water to play with him. He wouldn't even get his feet wet.

  • That's funny. The other day I took EL D to the city park nearby and there's a couple of ponds. EL D was chasing after the frogs along the shore when we came to an area with less shore weeds. He went right around the weeds to get to the frogs as they came out the other side – yes you guessed it, he didn't realize the water was there (really shallow only a few inches). For just a few seconds he was still keyed on the frogs and didn't realized he was in the water. Then it was just like Colbey's reaction - OMG!

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