• Wondering if anyone trips over their B's? Mine trip me often, every day! I've had scary thoughts I'll be tumbling down the stairs one of these days. I'm at the top of the stairs getting ready to go down and the dogs are dancing around me. What are they thinking? "Let's keep mommy from going down stairs, hurry block her!" They may actually be trying to position themselves to be first when they're doing the circle dance. My DH has tripped over them as well and he doesn't take it well at all! As smart as they are, wouldn't you think they'd know better and get out of the way when our feet move forward? Their toes have been stepped on way too many times by now. Why don't they get out of the way?!? :mad:

  • My old dog Missy (English Shepard) used to trip everyone. We finally realized that if we gently kick her she would move. When goober was tiny I could pick him up and move him with my foot.

  • There is not a day that goes by that one of us doesn't "trip" over a Basenji…LOL.... it is much worse now that they are "elders" and either deaf or hard of hearing (more so then your normal Basenji...)

  • My boy always seems to want to be in the lead of wherever I want to go. 'Course ya can't follow and lead at the same time, so we have lots of get-outta-the-ways yelled here, 'specially when we come to a "fork in the road," so to speak.

    I got this same type of behavior out of my Rottie and my Dobie, though, so I don't think it's a B thing, just an I-wanna-be-with-you-every-single-second-of-every-single-minute-of-every-single-day dog thing.

  • ALLLLLLLL the time :eek: :eek: they are always behind you when you LEAST expect it. And we're running they like to trip me too…& that's no fun :mad:

  • I – because I am an idiot 😉 -- keep my dogs' treats in the laundry room, in a cupboard above the dryer.
    Every time I go into the laundry room to do my laundry, Keoki is RIGHT THERE, hopeful. I trip over him going in with loads of laundry to do; I trip over him coming out with baskets of clean laundry.

    {He also likes to try to grab the clothes as they go from washer to dryer. He sits at the dryer door, grabbing things as they fly by}.

    I need to find a new place for the dog treats.

  • We learned to just keep our feet low to the ground when the dogs are underfoot. That way you can scoot them out of the way instead of stepping on them. It is a littel more difficult now with the puppy since she does not have the super tall Basenji legs just yet.

  • Yea - low to the floor and scoot them aside - kind of like trying to walk thru my son's game room. You never know what you'll step on in that mess (Legos hurt so bad!) It's something though b/c I would think the trainable critters would catch on at some point . . . but No! As long as we have these little entertaining fur babies - we're the ones who have to learn and walk carefully keeping our temper and sense of humor in tact.

  • OW! Legos. Yes.

  • OOOOOHHHH noooo-barbie shoes have to be the worst! At least with B's you learn to shuffle a bit more!

  • Jojo ALWAYS stops right in the middle of the hall or the doorway or so close to an end piece of furniture, i.e. bed, etc…, that you either trip over her, startle her so she starts to stand up and you end up with your foot coming into contact with her and she makes her typical B noises and you feel just awful or you have to go out of your way, or at least it seems that way, to go around the furniture...for such an intelligent breed sometimes I am not sure how much "comon sense" they have, LOL...or maybe it is just us...

  • Pongo always finds a way to stand right behind me in the kitchen, so when I turn around, I knock into him, then he SCREAMS like I just did something horrible to him…I think he knows I flip out and hug him and give him treats when he screams...could be a bad lesson for him, but whatever. 🙂

  • Senji has a habit of running back and forth between my bedroom and the front door to let me know he wants to go outside. As soon as I walk out into the hallway, he'll stop dead in his tracks and do a basenji bow-stretch and almost trip me.

  • Nala will sometimes sit at my feet while I am doing dishes…she is so warm and still that I sometimes forget and -- DUH! almost trip and fall over. She has almost taken out a few of our guests at times though...

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