• Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to switch to home cooked meals with human grade organic food. What recipes are your favorite for feeding your basenji?


  • Someone had a recipe for liver cookies, that I used to make for a previous generation, but can't remember the ingredients, apart from the ground liver. The dogs loved it. I am not allowed in the kitchen, so I don't make a mess anymore, but I used to make a soup with ox cheek and lots of mixed soup vegetables, and dried lentils and "stuff". Anything you can eat the Bs will certainly try it, but, like some people, they are not fond of vegetables of the leafy kind.

  • My Jessey gets a concoction of ground chicken breast & turkey breasts, mixed with brown rice, chicken broth and a little cheese. He devours it and he's a VERY PICKY eater! 🙂

  • Be careful that they get all the nutrition they need, I believe you can add vitamins to ensure that. One thing to contemplate is that as they get older, they often need medications. So I find out what they are crazy about and then give it very sparingly, this comes in very useful in later life when you have to get medications down them.

  • I'm too lazy to cook right, get the right nutrition. It's not as easy as most people tend to think. I've known people who fed their dogs chicken and rice only for years and said they are fine, only to start showing medical issues later. So consider doing a lot of research on balancing the food. There are some that, given breed/age/current weight and health, will do you several recipes.

  • First Basenji's

    Hi Becca. I'm wanting to change foods too. For years I have fed my 2 basenjis on my local butchers meat. But it's mainly offal. And that's worrying me after reading too much offal isn't healthy. I mix with mixed vegs and they love.

  • hi! check please a FB group - Raw feeding advice and support.

  • I feed good quality grain free kibble, but I change that source ever few weeks.. I never have to worry about food changes and/or tummy upsets.. they are used to much change. That said, I always feed veggies, fresh, raw, steamed... eggs (same as veggies) raw meat and cooked meat.

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