• I have decided to start a blog about cooking for my dogs. It can be found at, http://www.basenjinet.net/dogfood/

    I will be trying various recipes and keeping track of the cost to make them. I will also be sure to include posts about how the dogs like each of the recipes I try.

  • I just read your recipe and I told my daughter that sounds good enough for me to eat. I really want to know how the dogs like them I might have to give that one a try. The kitchen and I really do not like each other very well but that looks pretty easy.

    Rita Jean

  • Great idea – I'll have to try this recipe tonight (for Gossy).

  • Today I tried out an entree. You can check out the blog for the results.

  • Houston

    What a great blog, I love it..the recipes look smashing..Lucky B's.

  • THANKS….I'm still learning, but the cost of all the prepackaged foods is going higher and higher.....and I think this is important for the B's system, they do have unique tummies.
    Pumpkin is our favorite addition to the wellness food they eat.
    Thanks for your infor....

  • Lvoss – what are steel cut oats?

  • Houston

    Not Lvoss,

    Steel cut oats is oatmeal that has a coarser cut, therefor it has more nutrients and is healthier for us and the dogs..lol. It does take longer to cook, but the taste and texture so makes up for it..I find it in the regular grocery store, where oatmeal is sold, just look for steel cut (or I believe it can be called Irish oatmeal too..but I might be wrong) on the carton. The health food store has a larger selection.

  • Okay thanks - I'll have to look for it (and sorry about the name mixup).

  • Houston

    Wizard, I just answered, lvoss started the great thread about the cooking..I love her blog..

  • I will just add to what Petra said about finding the steel cut oats. You can find them in the Oatmeal section but also if you grocery store has a bulk section check there. It was significantly cheaper for me to buy from the bulk bins then to get the prepackaged section.

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