• My friend recently adopted to Basenji dog and he is looking for healthy food for his dog. He would prefer something that may be tasty and help to keep dog's teeth clean. Curious to know what's your dog's favorite food? Do you buy the food from pet stores (Petsmart, and Petco) or make yourself?

  • There have been several threads on what are the good dog food brands - Orijen, Canidae, Innova/Evo, Blue Buffalo, etc. Good kibble brands are generally expensive per bag but you don't feed nearly as much as the cheaper brands and you get quality. The thing is to read the ingredients - no corn or wheat or a lot of chemicals.
    Some folks here use a raw food diet and some cook up vegetables to add to the kibble.
    My breeder suggested frozen raw soup bones and turkey/chicken necks to help keep teeth clean. There are also several different kinds of treats to help, such as the nyla bones, mint/charcoal biscuits, etc.

  • oops never mind

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