• I just recently became a dog owner for the first time and I start looking into dog food brands. I had always thought that a name brand dog food was a good dog food. Wrong!! When I received Roo from the breeder, he was eating Authority. I did some research and came across Whole Dog Journal. They put out a yearly list of good quality dog food.(No corn, byproducts,dyes, etc.)
    I have now switch to Candiae and Merricks. What I relaized is most high quality food is not sold at PetSmart or Petco, but at feed supply stores!
    I recommend checking it out to see your dog food made the cut.

  • It was actually through this forum that I came across the world of dog food. I was given tons of info about dog food & finally we decided to begin feeding Dallas Merrick's. We are just now finishing up the Eukanuba that we bought because that is what the breeder was feeding him. I am hoping that Merricks not only tastes better to him but helps clear up the little bit of dry skin he has had over the past week 🙂 I go to a special store to buy the Merrick's but I actually prefer the speciality store over Petsmart since they already know Dallas by name & give him a treat whenever we go 🙂 He's their "favorite" puppy customer!

    What flavor of Merrick's do you use?

  • I feed Merricks canned and Candiae dry. Roo loves the Chicken Pot Pie. Its looks like something I would eat. Roo had bad gas on Authority but not anymore:)

  • Hm. We're trying the Wilderness Blend. My boyfriend chose it out since he thought it was cool that in the ingrediants it said "buffulo". Think as long as you keep your dog on Merrick's you can switch between the flavors?

  • I would think so. My roo has a sentsive stomach but he seems to tolerate Merricks flavors just fine. I only feed him half a can at a time. I try to give him a varatity. On the weekend , I like to boil fresh chicken and mix in brown rice. This is by far his favorite meal.

  • Our Basenji has a very sensetive stomach, we tried all kinds of food with him. He would not eat for days, have constant diarreah and constipation. We tried rice and chicken and other human food, but nothing worked.

    Later we learned that basenjis are known to have allergies to grain, corn and other fillers found in generic dog food. We then tried several brands of natural grain free dry and wet dog food and now we have no more issues.

    Here is what we are feeding him and he seems to like it
    (Evo small bites, grain free): http://www.evopet.com/products/default.asp?id=1488

    Sometimes we mix it in with the evo venison wet canned food and he loves it.

  • I went to two health food type pet stores yesterday and asked a bunch of questions about the different types of holistic dog foods and other foods that they had. I came away from both stores with several brochures and tons of food samples!! From one store I got a plastic grocery bag FULL of Timberwolf Organics and from the other store I got a bag full of EVO Innova samples. Enough to feed these guys for more than a week!! I had no idea that you could get samples from the stores!! The dogs seem to love both brands. We're taking it slow though so I can keep track of the reactions. They currently eat Nutro Max Ultra Puppy.

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