Does my Rafael have enough Bisenji ffor this forum?

Well, interesting thoughts and opinions here. First of all, that is a very handsome and obvious Basenji mix. Lots of Basenji DNA in that cutey. And the behaviors are pretty spot on. I have a 3/4 Basenji mix, a rescue, who is the most delightful dog ever, in life. I don't know her history (somewhere in Iowa) but I am forever thankful that she ultimately landed in our home.
It's a unique breed that is not far removed from its origins in Africa. I totally support the idea of sustaining the purity of the breed. But I suspect these many mixes are the result of escape accidents or ignorant irresponsible back-yard breeders. And those people are LEGION, across America, working with all breeds. But, you know, mixes are not a bad thing. I had the opportunity to engage with a Basenji group, and almost all of those dogs were grumpy grouchy and anti-social. My mix was the friendliest dog in the house. Izzy absolutely loves everything and everybody. Purity can have some drawbacks, and that's a fact.

BUT, whatever, I positively adore my Basenji mix, Izzy-Bella, smartest, funniest, best dog ever. Thank you, careless breeder/owner/whatever for
providing the opportunity for this little canine treasure to become part of our family.

@antigone - Are you saying that Basenjis were on the Endangered Species List? If so that is far from the truth. Yes Basenjis were imported back in the 80's and for a many years after that. (And many will disagree that many of the recent imports are really Basenjis, but that is another conversation). They were not imported because they were endangered, but to increase the gene pool due to health issues. However at that time there was no DNA test for Fanconi or PRA, so breeding was hit and miss for those late onset afflictions. With the addition of DNA testing for Fanconi and for PRA breeding Basenjis that would never get these horrible afflictions a reality. Of course that is as long as breeders test before breeding. And we now know that Fanconi is a recessive gene (as is PRA), therefore as was not in the past, using an afflicted male (personally I would never use an afflicted bitch) to a clear bitch, you get carriers, but that will never get Fanconi but still be be used in a breeding program as long as again bred to a Clear bitch.

To Max Sturmius, very cute pup.... could have Basenji mostly looks like Jack Russell but you are most welcome here

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Those sound like Basenji behaviors....and a lot of people start out with a part Basenji, fall in love with the Basenji quirks and go on to have purebred Basenjis. Both your dogs are beauties. Welcome to the forum!

@kembe I agree and no matter what if you Adopt, Buy or Rescue and Animal of any Species you have the ethical obligation to take care of the Pet for its life. This crossbreeding must be stopped. Now there are Puppy Mills that have allegedly Basenjis.

The Breeders in the US are so protective of their Dogs that they control who is allowed to buy a Puppy. Some awful person somehow came across a Female and crossed it with another type of Dog. I am absolutely horrified to know these Dogs are in Puppy Mills. I wish that I could investigate this myself but there are so many locations of these Mills that they are not only hard to find but this is also a generational thing where the 'Business' stays in the Family. USDA has Four Vets the last time I checked and they have to go and check on the Mills. There are not enough Vets to check all of the Dogs and Cats.

Wherever you find Animals there is always someone there trying to sell you something. I retain Ownership of my Horses and I free lease them and there is no money and I have the right to take a Horse back and if the Lessee cannot take care of the Horse any longer I take it back. This has always worked out well for me and my Horses.

I bet everyone here would love to come back as one of our Basenjis!


@tanza They were on the Endangered Species list when they were in the Belgian Congo. The people that owned the dogs did not want to part with them. Also in Norway, they would hang the dogs from a fence until their hackles showed and then they would kill them and skin them to make Fur Coats.

The gal I used to Board my Horses with had them when she was a Child. Her Dad had been in Africa for one of the many Wars and he brought home a breeding pair. That was in the late 1950's so they have been here for a while.

I am aware of the genetic problems of the Breed and Imports are now very difficult for obvious reasons. The Islamic State is in The Democratic Republic of the Congo and that is horrible for all the Dogs. They are eating the Dogs so the owner can no longer use the Dogs for Hunting.

It is a sick World and I wish I could keep them all safe. I have successfully shut down the last remaining Horse Slaughterhouse in NJ. It took me 10 years but I got it done.


Welcome to the forum. Anyone can join. 🙂 Thank you for rescuing.

You are so right ! I would love to come back as a Basenji! ❤

California today stopped the sales of animals in Pet stores. Hopefully this catches on w/ other states.

@kembe Not wanting to hi-jack the thread, I'll just briefly say that California has gone from protecting dogs into anti-breeder, including responsible ones. I know several kennels that have moved their dogs to other states.

If it is a mix, then do not call it a Basenji. In Hawaii we use the name "poi dog"

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