Want a healthy female retired basenji

  • I had to put my beautiful 14 year old female basenji down from a brain tumor. I've waited two years to grieve her life. I am now interesting in adopting a mature retired female that would be good with kids. They loved my girl and miss her but the youngest is 3. I dont have the energy to start with a puppy again. I have had 3 basenjis. My last girl came from Beverly Bland of Brushy Run in AZ. I've sent emails to Bev but no reply. So I am hoping one of you breeders might read this and get back to me. MJ LARSON. Vancouver, WA. If Bev is still active and you have contact info,please pass it along too. Thank you.

  • If you can't find a retired adult, check with Florida's Camp Basenjis.

    Sorry for the loss of your basenji. 😞

    Beverly shows email and phone, but hopefully others here will know if she is active:

    Brushy Run Basenjis

  • Beverly just lost her husband, so that could be the reason you have not been able to contact her. You might want to try other breeders, go to www.basenji.org and you can search by state.

  • My deepest condolences - so sorry on the loss of your basenji.

  • @abaihya I am so very sorry for your loss. I too lost my Girl to Cancer. I had the mass removed when she was 12 but it returned when she was 16. It feels like you have lost a Child. Her 20th Birthday would have been tomorrow.

    You are right to have allowed yourself to grieve for a good amount of time. The folks here on this Forum are very helpful and supportive and they will not steer you in a wrong direction.

    I am waiting until my Senior Rescue Cat passes because she is a Killer. She killed my other younger and smaller Cat and the Vets did not believe it until they did a Necropsy and they saw she broke his neck and severed his spinal cord. I cannot bring a Puppy or a Kitten in my home until she passes. She is going on 15 and she bites me all the time. I just will not euthanize a healthy animal. She loves guys and she is a real flirt.

    I know my girl lived the longest of her litter. She was a beautiful Tri with a Bandits Mask and a Pink nose. I adored her and took her everywhere. She rode in the Crate whenever we were going someplace and she fell asleep. They MUST be able to Travel in a Crate. Wire Crates are the best because they can see everything.

    Good luck finding a new Dog!


  • So sorry to hear about the loss of your girl. Worst part of owning a pet.

    As Tanza mentioned, Beverly has had a family member pass. She is also not actively breeding, and her remaining dogs are older than you're looking for. That said, she probably would like to hear from you.

    You might want to contact Lori Stargell at SkyHi Basenjis. She has had a few of Beverly's dogs so you have a connection. No idea whether she's looking to place a retired girl but she's a good person and may know of another breeder who is.

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