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Hi guys, I'm looking to see if anyone has done any recent or past business with Jennie of Ahmahr and how the experience went and how the pups are doing.

Have you had a conversation with Jennie (Ahmahr)? And there is a reason you are asking?

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We've emailed for sure. I'm asking bc it's a big investment and I'd like to hear from others who have her pups.

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We've emailed for sure. I'm asking bc it's a big investment and I'd like to hear from others who have her pups.

Yes Chris it is a big investment, but the price of the pup is largely irrelevant. A rounding error over the course of the dog's life. FWIW I haven't heard of this breeder, which doesn't mean anything other than I don't know that many breeders and consequently can't offer an opinion one way or the other. Sorry I can't be of more help. From the website they seem super qualified but you've probably figured that out.

Good idea to find people who have had the experience of getting the pups.

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I've never heard of her either. Have you tried searching on Facebook? There are alot of basenji groups and someone might have heard of her, or know her and gotten one of her pups. Just a thought.

@chrisblack - You should be asking her for referrals, she is a well know breeder.

@basenjimom2 - She is a well know breeder

@donc - Again, she is a well known breeder in the Basenji world

Good idea on the referrals and Facebook! Thanks guys.

I'm extremely familiar with one of her dogs. My son got him two years ago at about five months old. He stays at my place several days and nights a week while my son works. He is the sweetest, quirkiest, snuggliest, prettiest and all around wonderful dog. He gets along with every dog and human he meets. And, he came already potty trained, which was a huge benefit! I can't speak to him as a show dog, because he was not bought to show, but just to love!

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To Georges Nana- I'm so thrilled to hear my pups and young adults ding well-- they always have a placein my heart here on the red river( Rio Grande) in New Mexicoi- Doing some retraining myself on a girl who was out showing and finished her G ch with some gr placements who definintely needs some reacquaintance with her home virtues- back to rehoming as she is a beautiful talented girl- My original trainer died this week of pancreatic cancer quite suddenly so I am on my own only with her parting words to guide me- so I hope my successful training program continues Her uncle Tibby andI are working with her together.

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