Meet Kenya and Pharaoh

Here are the two crazy kids that adopted me many years ago. They have now passed but had a wonderful and long life. Kenya was almost 17 and Pharaoh was almost 16 yrs old. I loved them more than words can express and miss them every day! 0_1539903014749_Screenshot_20171225-081930.jpg 0_1539903054394_20180910_193434.jpg 0_1539903076816_Screenshot_20180829-153840_Facebook.jpg

I'm sorry your pups have gone on ahead. I can't imagine how I will get through that loss someday. I've been through it and think I'll never start again because the pain of losing your pet young or old is just so awful. But here I am again with a 3 year old basenji and having the time of my life. Living in the moment.

Forgot to tell you how beautiful your 2 Basenjis were. Exquisite is the word.

So sorry. Having your dog die sucks. No way around that. But so nice you were able to enjoy them for so long. They certainly look as if they were well loved. Real cuties.

Your basenjis are the epitemy of THE PERFECT BASENJIS! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

So sorry for your loss. My heart ❤️ goes out to you. I could not imagine my life without my Basenji Kembe and she will be 13 in January.

@kembe I too had a B who lived for 16 years. Love your B and make loads of memories. I miss my little Homewrecker every day. She did all the Basenji things like climbing trees! She was a hilarious little Dog. Enjoy your B as they are a special breed. I think the name translates from the Congolese as 'Wild Thing'....

😞 Sorry that you lost them. It's never ever long enough.

*My little girl is 12. I cannot even begin to fathom life without her. Your boys are SO beautiful. Their eyes are simply amazing. They must have made 'pawprints in your heart' - ones which will never leave. I imagine on the days when you miss your dogs - any of you who have lost them, you can quietly go into the soft rooms of your souls, close your eyes and still feel them and see them. I consider these animals not to really be dogs but to be amazingly beautiful creatures of God. I am certain anyone who shares their life with a Basenji would agree they are unlike any other breed in the entire world. I once read that when God finished creating all of the animals, He took everything that was left over and made a Basenji. What do you think? We keep our Basenji bathed as believe-it-or-not, I am allergic to her when she is not. I LOVE LOVE LOVE stroking her soft, velvety coat (she loves it too!). Blessings to ALL of you who have shared your life with one of these beautiful animals and have since lost them. My prayers to all of you. 🌈 Look for them - 'Somewhere over the rainbow . . . ' *

OMG! You are so right...Basenji's are not dogs...they are so special. I have little Rickie, he is beautiful...a show stopper now 11 years old. Never would I have any other breed of but these creatures!

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