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Here are the two crazy kids that adopted me many years ago. They have now passed but had a wonderful and long life. Kenya was almost 17 and Pharaoh was almost 16 yrs old. I loved them more than words can express and miss them every day! 0_1539903014749_Screenshot_20171225-081930.jpg 0_1539903054394_20180910_193434.jpg 0_1539903076816_Screenshot_20180829-153840_Facebook.jpg

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I lost my Basenji, Kenya in Nov 2017. She had idiopathic focal seizures that began in 2012. I did have an MRI and there was no evidence to suggest why she was experiencing these seizures, thus the "idiopathic" diagnosis. She began Keppra after the MRI and remained in it until her passing. She also developed kidney disease in 2015. I was able to manage that with diet and activity for 2+ years. She was happy and energetic for the majority of the time. What I found was that, despite her water consumption, it wasn't enough so I would have to give her sub-q fluids. These fluids helped both the kidneys and helped manage her seizures, which were infrequent. I would watch her energy levels and if they seemed to wane from her norm then it was a sign she was in need. Not sure if any of this is helpful but thought I would offer what I experienced. Best of luck with your baby, my girl was so hard to let go....😥
Oh, and another thing to note about seizures in general....there is something called a pre-ictal phase which occurs before a seizure and a post-ictal phase, which occurs after a seizure. The pre-ictal phase can look like depression or some other form of irritability or any other abnormal behavior from your Basenji. The post-ictal phase occurs after the seizure and lasts until they are able to normalize. My Basenji would become confused, not respond to me, pace around, bite at me or anything else she could. Sometimes they become disoriented or very needy and/or may not be able to see properly. This part will pass after some time so be patient with your baby. These examples are not all inclusive so I encourage you to look up the terms online to see if you recognize any of the symptoms. Again, best wishes to you and yours. 💖

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My girl did this when her seizures began, incidentally just as we were moving to another state. They were very brief and mostly occurred in the evening and only intermittently at first, not daily. Not knowing what it was or being able to capture it in video, it progressed. Once they began to happen more frequently I immediately booked a on appointment for the vet, who then referred me to a Neurologist for an MRI. By the time Neuro appointment, the seizures progressed to her collapsing while trying to eat dinner. Almost like her legs were giving out on her, but again, only briefly. She had the MRI which revealed a healthy, tumor free brain, so her diagnosis was idiopathic focal seizures. She began taking Keppra. While they initially prescribed 1/2 pill 3x day, she only needed 1/4 pill 3x day to control her seizures. She was on that med from 2012 until she passed in Nov 2017. Good luck with your baby.

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Okay, so my little girl, Kenya was diagnosed with kidney failure about 2 years prior to her passing. My vet from Tufts told me that the most important thing was to keep weight on her. I cooked for her and spoon fed her daily. It was a challenge to keep her interested in food but I was determined. I boiled her sweet potatoes, steamed rice with veggies, baked her salmon, whatever she would eat. Sometimes she only wanted baby food and that's what she would get, mostly beef or chicken in gravy. The thing about kidney disease is that they feel nauseated and don't want to eat the same thing every day. On days when she didn't want to eat (more advanced stages), she would lap up goats milk or Ensure. I gave her famotadine 10 mg twice a day for the upset stomach; I hid it in goat cheese. She also got sub q fluids, less frequent early on, but more so as she advanced. I took her to have blood work every 3 months to monitor her levels and she did well for a long time. In the end she began to have seizures and I knew it was time to let her go. She was the love of my life and it was hard, but she fought hard and I was by her side, helping to do what I could for her; she lived to almost 17 yrs old! Good luck to you and yours, I hope you can give yours a long and comfortable life.

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