• Hi everyone!

    Long time reader, first time poster here. This is my gorgeous little boy Remus aka Spring Willow's Auld Lang Syne! Anyone else on here from the Richmond, Va area? 1_1534703709268_IMG_8154.jpg 0_1534703709267_IMG_8129.jpg

  • Welcome!!
    Who are his parents? I may have his sister 😉
    Spring Willow's Champagne Kisses "Violet"

  • @CrazySenji I think we do! I think I've seen some of your posts in the Spring Willow Basenjis page 🙂 Ali and Cole's puppies? I think the whole litter was new years themed. I can definitely see the resemblance!

  • Laurie had 2 litters born then so I wasn’t sure! Laurie kept the rest of the litter. They are really nice 👍. Hopefully she will be a show dog.

  • @CrazySenji She was going to keep Remus, but Kathy from Khani's sent her our application and the next week we met her in Pennsylvania to pick him up at 11 weeks old. We're so glad she decided to let us take him! We absolutely love spoiling him 🙂

  • A very handsome boy and a very pretty girl. What could be better?

  • WHAT a cutie,,,,and this is the first time I have seen a Basenji smile!!!!! Wishing you loads of love and happiness with your new boy!!!! XOXOXO

  • OMG! Beautiful Baenji! He is gorgeous and regal looking!

  • @NancySS Thank you! Treats or visitors do the trick for him haha he's always cheesing

    @Kembe Thank you so much! We get so many compliments on him whenever we all go out! He's a real hit at the dog park haha

  • I saw Laurie a couple of weeks ago and she told me she would have kept them all if she could have! They are very nice and will do well once they are trained 👍

  • @CrazySenji Remus has definitely been mischievous, but over all hes been amazing! He and our cat are best friends, he loves literally everyone he meets, and he's so gentle and sweet with our nephews! The one year old was crawling around our house a few weeks ago and Remus just crawled along on his belly and giving kisses! And I had been warned they were infamously aloof haha

  • Your dog is gorgeous... but oh the mischevious twinkle. You are in for fun times.! 🙂

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