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I had a similar problem with my lil girl, we had certain rules and behaviours then i had a friend over too much who ignored these rules and let her do what she likes! we now see a lot less of the friend and stick to our routine and rules! it took a few weeks but we're now back on track! hang in there…and enjoy the bonbons when they come 🙂

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After wanting a dog for over 20years and loving Basenji's for almost as long I finally became a very proud Basenji mummy a few months ago. I'm form the UK and currently spending some time in the Netherlands, I looked into finally getting my first dog before christmas, then a few weeks into the new year i decided i'd definately get one this year, I looked online that night and found my girl! (I think we were meant to be!) she was last of a litter and the people who were going to take her just never showed up, so I went to meet her, fell in love instantly and she came home with me within the week.

Now i knew that Basenji ownership wasn't going to be easy (the other breed i like is bull terrier so i clearly have problems here…) and we've had some moments...but words cannot express my love for this little one. I can't remember my life without her!

She's turning 5 months soon and is more than I could ever hope for. I'm at the barn all day with the horses and she's settled so well to the barn life, I was so worried she'd run off but she's such a good girl, life is often hectic and always changing, but i'm her constant so she's always keeping an eye on me and knows to come back to me if she's unsure of anything. She now has off lead walks and is such a good gal, when new people or dogs appear she stops, comes to me and waits for the new people/dogs to come to her. then plays like a maniac!

She's not had an accident in the house for a month now and always tells me what she wants. I'm naughty and now let her sleep on the bed with me, and am I the only one who gets guilty just going to the shops or cinema for a few hours and leaving her alone!?! she's with me 24/7 and I'm a little worried i'm becoming a crazy dog lady...but I really dont care! hehe

she's curled on me now while i write this and she's just the most beautiful girl ever!

anyway, this was just supposed to be a quick hi! so, hi!

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I live in NL too and everyone falls in love with my little girl wherever we go! I'm always getting asked about her as there are so few of them here. 🙂

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Well she's 5months now and her tail is normally carried high with a curl at the end, but maybe it'll curl more as she gets older. she wags her tail alot too…maybe she keeps wagging the curl out!

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Hi All, Thought i'd give you a little update! My lil lady had her food changed from Eukanuba medium pup to Royal Canin Mini (she's a very small basenji and doubt she'll get bigger than 10k when fully grown so thought this one best) I also bought her a Pet Head shampoo 'Royal Treatment' with oatmeal and aloe.

She loves her new food and never leaves a crumb now, has a bath once every two weeks (instead of every week) and has a treat of sardines or yogurt every couple of days.

Her skin is much better, little flaking and her coat looks much better now.

Thank you guys for all the advice!

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She has a really good quality kibble and this is a problem she's had since I got her, so was looking for new suggestions. I'll defknately try the oatmeal shampoo and supplements you mentioned…and yes, poop is her fab on the yard...along with foot trimmings...she can be very unladylike!!

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I broom for Cody Auer. Best rider ive ever worked for! 🙂

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I'm a groom for horses. Which my little lady loves but this is why she gets so filthy! I'll contact my local groomers and see what shampoos they can suggest for the lil' lady.

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Ok, calm down,

The flakey skin was left for a month before I started bathing her. My vet said the shampoo was fine. And I'm a groom so my gal runs around the yard all day so gets filthy and needs a weekly bath. Can you recommend any shampoo I should be using that you find better for dogs?

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Saw both and they had tightly curled tails like breed standard…however I love her straighter tail as she looks super cute when she wags it, along with her flat back ears she does an awesome dobby the house elf impression! 🙂

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