Advice for potential first-time basenji owners
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  • @dogelover - Like I said then, back to house training 101. You may have issues with him marking in the house
    since he was never housebroken. You should ask the breeder if he has had any house time... Will you be having him neutered or will he be neutered before you get him? While I have never used one, you might consider a belly band, Here is a link so you can read about them. There might be people on the Forum that have used them.

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  • @tanza thank you!! The breeder says she has never seen him mark while she has him walking around at dog shows, but who knows what he will do in a home setting. We will be getting him neutered after we take him home.

    Is it true that intact males generally do not do well with other males? The breeder says he gets along well with females.

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  • @dogelover - That is true for most all dogs... breeders will recommend male/female combo and not same sex. This is a rule of thumb, not to say it can't work. And unless you are breeding, no reason to keep intact and not neuter. In fact, males can be collected and semen frozen, so can still be neutered and sire litters.

    I have to laugh a bit about the comment "never seen him mark to shows".... honestly, I have never NOT SEEN a male mark at shows... or female for that matter.

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  • He sure looks like he's happy.

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  • @wizard He was smiling the whole time we were with him. He loves people - his tail goes crazy when he sees someone coming. He also gives lots of kisses!

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  • I just might recognize that pup. Does he live in Virginia?

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  • @Kebasmom Yes! :) Where do you know him from?

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  • If he is from Julie, then I may have had the honor of holding onto him ringside.

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  • @Kebasmom Yes, he is! What a small world :)

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