• Chance is 11 now has been tooting a lot lately and we don't seem to be able to find the source. His poop has been solid for many years since we got him on Acana grasslands. I do add fishoil and warm water to his kibble every morning, but I don't think its that.

    What probiotics do you all use?

  • I have used fastrack for almost 22 years. There are plenty on the market, but I find it dependable and affordable. It stopped gas so bad you needed oxygen masks around my rotties; saved a rescue pony who had severe gut damage from years of untreated parasites and had constant watery diarrhea; in gel form I squirted into the mouths of newborn puppies and never had a case of diarrhea with any litter; it helped my debilitated rescues put on weight. The only down side is that while coats were better, nail growth also seemed to increase. I hate doing nails. 🙂




  • Could be many things in the stomach-intestinal tract, I guess. When our 2 B's were on kibble they farted a lot. Our then vet said that was because 'they are meat eaters' - we found that a funny explanation as they were not eating meat then. Later we switched their diet to 100% fresh meat and the farting stopped within days. If you go on Amazon you can find lots of probiotics for dogs with reviews. All in all I think meat is better for dogs, also for other reasons.

  • FortiFlora is what I have used in the past, however now I just use Greek Gods plain yogart... two teaspoons once a day (yes they eat it off the spoon)

  • Thanks, purchased Fastrack last week and both seem to eat with no issues. I am giving them 1/4 teaspoon with breakfast. Also a teaspoon of plain lowfat yogirt. So far no noticeable changes.

  • I use the one from Natures Farmacy (yes it's spelled like that!). It last me a long time even with daily use. It comes in a powder and even my picky dog likes it. I pick it up at dog shows but you can also order online.

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