• T and L are due for their yearly vaccinations (overdue actually 😞 )

    I always thought DHLPP and Rabies should NOT be given at the same time, and I just called the vets office to ask about that and the lady that answered the phone (not a vet) said its no problem. Now I'm suspicious… I think I will still separate the vaccinations by a week or so, just to be safe..

    But I just wanted to check on here what y'all do w/ your dogs...

    Tayda is due for Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP and I was thinking of getting them vaccinated for Lyme also (I've heard Lyme is "common" here - in people and dogs)

    Lenny is due for Bordetella, DHLPP and maybe Lyme...

    I'm potentially reconsidering the Bordetella since they've been vaccinated for it before and got it anyway...

    what do y'all vaccinate your dogs for? I know some of it will be region specific... I don't to vaccinate unnecessarily but I also don't want to leave them too vulnerable to anything

  • I personally think it is a problem to give all those shots at the same time… called the "whopper" shot. I think that rabies should be separate by at 2/3 wks from the others. Most (99%) Vets will tell you it is no problem, however I have seen too many reactions doing them all together.

    I would not bother with Bordetella... If you board or kennel your B's then you have to have it, but otherwise, I agree it really doesn't totally protect them, as there are so many different strains. If you were showing and moving all over the country, I would/might consider it. I also do not do Lyme, but in this area when I am, there is not a big problem with ticks. I also "never" do Lepto... ever... I have seen way to many reactions to it... and again, it is not a problem in our area... and even if it was, I would think twice before giving it. I give Distemper, Hepatitis/Adenovirus, Parainfluenza,Parvovirus, then 2 or 3 wks later I do rabies.

    Remember all, this is just IMO

  • I noticed you said "yearly". I thought that the most current/emerging philosophy on frequency of vaccination was once every three years. Is that only rabies or does that apply to DHPP also?

  • Their rabies is every three years… but on the records I have they have been getting DHLPP yearly boosters... if there is a 3 year option i will go for that...

    I will probably not give the Lepto again... and maybe not the bordatella... i just asked a lady in the office about Lyme and she said that she used to vaccinate for it and her dog got it anyway.... now she just does the Frontline once a month. Her dog is outside all day everyday in the summer.

  • The recommendations is for 3 yrs for what used to be yearly and 90% of Vets go along with this recommendation… IMO... I would not give yearly... I have had mine on 3yrs for everything for 7 or 8 yrs....

  • Ok… good tip. Thanks. So does that mean there is a different vaccination that will last for 3 years? or does that mean that the "yearly" vaccinations can be effective for 3 years?

  • There was a study I believe out of Colorado that showed that most vaccines that are "1 year vaccines" actually provide protection for 3 years. Intervet offers a vaccine that has been challenge tested to provide protection for 3 years and is labeled as a 3 year vaccine, it is their Continuum DAP vaccine.

    My vet recommends vaccinating every 3 years. I do not give Lepto and my vet is not doing Lepto for most of their clients now since the serovars in our area are not the ones in the vaccine so the dogs aren't protected anyway. If you are going to vaccinate for Lepto my repro vet recommends doing it separately and using Fort Dodge because they are the only one with a vaccine that has shown a full year of protection the others only give about 6 months. With bordatella my vets all recommend only when necessary the majority of the vaccines out there only have 3 month of efficacy so it is best given only if there is a high risk of exposure. If you are going to give yearly be sure to use the Intervet Continuum Bordatella, it has been challenge tested and shown a full 1 year protection.

    I vaccinate every 3 years for DHPP and Rabies. I separate them by 3-4 weeks.

  • My vet must be on the cautious-but-willing side and is slowly switching to multi-year vaccines (including the DHP) and agrees the vaccines should be spaced out. He recommend the lyme because it has a hot spot here (and he's seen lots of dogs getting it; it was first discovered in CT by the way) – although Gossy had a slight reaction to the vaccine (the injection spot swelled slightly and became sensitive to touch) and he mentioned the lepto but didn't push it (not common in city dogs anyway). He didn't however recommend the nasal spray for bordello but thought the injection is better - some of the day care places I checked require it be given every 6 months (!) - but then they dump all the dogs together in one room for play (the day care I found for Gossy only does 4 dogs at a time).

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    Ok… good tip. Thanks. So does that mean there is a different vaccination that will last for 3 years? or does that mean that the "yearly" vaccinations can be effective for 3 years?

    There is not a different vaccination for 3yrs, the one that they give for "one year" is really good for 3… just like rabies... as in when you have a pup and you give the rabies at 4 to 6 months of age and then one at a year, then (depending on your state laws) one every 3yrs, it is all the same vaccination...

  • Thanks for everyone's input! I love this forum!

    Well I'll talk to the vet about it, if the 1 year vaccines were actually good for 3 years then the only vaccination needed is the Rabies for Tayda.

    Yep, I actually live not far from Lyme, CT where Lyme first appeared!

    I have a couple weeks still before their appointment - Tayda will be getting her 2nd Fanconi followup also! Fingers crossed her values have stabilized! I've finally got her taking all 4 bicarbs in one lump of cream cheese! I hope I don't have to up her doseage again…

  • My feeling is that too many yearly shots can make a basenji sick.
    They just don't need them.

  • Here is a link with various vaccine protocols.


    The vast majority recommend vaccinating every 3 years.

  • Michelle…thanks for posting and asking this question...I was going to ask the same thing. I just had Brando's 3yr rabies done and have his and Ruby's annual exam scheduled in the middle of May...and was wondering what other shots people were doing. Good timing! 🙂

  • Hey no problem! It's funny, I don't take any vets advice before posting it here for the peanut gallery and finding out what others do!

    When the lady on the phone said giving rabies and DHLPP at the same time was fine… i was already typing www.basenjifor…. as I was hanging up with her. lol.

  • There are still many Vets of the "old School"…. and stand by their yearly schedule or that it is not a problem to do everything at the same time... I think one of the reasons for "everything" at the same time came about because people didn't want to pay for another office visit.... and then for yearly shots.... Vets didn't want to lose the money.....
    The old "damned if you do....".... if you don't"

  • What about the low cost vaccinations that are offered at Petco and other places…. There's one here in a few weeks - charging $15 for a 3 year rabies vacc or $38 for the Rabies and DHPP combo... I just called my vets office and they actually charge about the same for Rabies and DHPP but also $60 for an office visit.

    Anyone ever use those types of places for vacc?

  • I do titers testing after the initial vaccs. The last two times my dogs went in for the tests they did not have to get distemper or parvo shots. There's a thread on here somewhere that talks about titers testing.

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    What about the low cost vaccinations that are offered at Petco and other places…. There's one here in a few weeks - charging $15 for a 3 year rabies vacc or $38 for the Rabies and DHPP combo... I just called my vets office and they actually charge about the same for Rabies and DHPP but also $60 for an office visit.

    Anyone ever use those types of places for vacc?

    I have never used one, but usually it was time for a check up for mine anyway…. didn't you say that it would be Tayda's Fanconi check up time and that rabies were due?

  • I follow the same routine as Pat and Lisa. DAHPP (no lepto) and rabies every 3 years, separated by 3-4 weeks. Lepto is a more common reactive vaccine, and doesn't cover everything anyways. Bordatella doesn't last long, doesn't cover everything, and isn't as serious. Lyme is not a huge concern, although some of the lure fields I go to have lots of ticks. Corona is not necessary either.

    I prefer to keep things to a minimum. I would strictly do titres if I could, but one of my clubs/organizations does not allow titres at this time. I stay away from training facilities that require whopping combos of shots, I don't feel that's good for my dogs. Responsible owners are what will keep your dog healthy, not crazy shot schedules. I don't board, but anyone who does will probably have to get bordatella unfortunately. I have traveled across a good portion of the country with my dogs and have done quite a bit of competing at all different kind of venues. I have never had a problem with any of my dogs, even though we've been in some pretty tight quarters before with other dogs. The only thing I've ever had to deal with was a little giardia that I probably got from back home on the farm. lol

    Like others have said, some vets are slow to change over to 3 year vaccinations, but all US Veterinary Colleges have now adopted the 3 year rule. And almost all states have gone to the 3 year rabies. There is currently a 7 year rabies challenge study going on. I know quite a few people that have older dogs who have been titred and never needed another shot since their 1 year puppy booster. The vaccine is exactly the same whether it's 1 or 3 years. And same amount, no matter the size of dog. (it's not like wormer) I see several places charge a different amount for the 3 year, probably because they won't get your money the other two years. lol

    The low cost vaccine clinics are probably fine, they would be using the same vaccines. They just aren't going to give your dog a good looking over first, and it's not a good idea to vaccinate a dog who isn't feeling up to par. So if you're only vaccinating once every 3 years, no reason not to get it done at a vet check-up. However when you space out the shots, the 2nd one could be done at a cheaper clinic, just keep an eye on their location/cleanliness. Or spread them out, do rabies one year and distemper the next, so they never fall in the same year again.

    It's amazing what over-vaccinating can do to the immune system. 😞

  • Also, good luck for Tayda's 2nd follow-up!

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