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Our breeder told us not to get the Lepto vaccine because a few of his dogs had very bad reactions a few years ago. The vet said the vaccine has changed a lot over the years and is now much safer than it used to be, and she hasn't seen a bad reaction in the past four years. We live in a city, but also right next to a large park, so I worry about all of the germs in still water, puddles and streams in the area. I've talked to another basenji owner in the area who said he's gotten the vaccine for his basenjis and they had no issues. I'm hoping to get some more insight from basenjis owners on the vaccine. Have your basenjis gotten it? Have any had bad reactions within the past year or two? Thanks!!

UPDATE: We got the first round of Lepto and our little guy was just fine. No issues at all. He's getting his second round this weekend, and now I'll feel much more comfortable bringing him around rivers, and walking him in the (rat infested) city.

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