• @LindaH:

    Also, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) now recommends vaccinations no more often than every 3 years after the initial round of puppy shots. Here's a link to their 2011 Guidelines: https://www.aahanet.org/PublicDocuments/CanineVaccineGuidelines.pdf

    You are partially correct. The recommendations are every 3years for core diseases IF the puppy achieved full immunity, there are not underlying health issues, the vaccines are modified live or attenuated viruses ( not killed as many are) and state laws allow. In many cases, these are not met and advising a blanket "no more frequently than 3 years" will lead to animal death.

    The media, celebrities, and the ignorant/gullible public have bought into the "unreasonable danger" myth of vaccines which has led to resurgence of previously rare diseases resulting in unnecessary deaths of both animals and humans.

  • The unreasonable myth of vaccine danger is for some. In my case- my dog was over vaccinated as a pup and was close to death, now he gets one shot at once and still has reactions, therefore I DO NOT vaccinate if unnecessary due to the REAL danger it poses to my dog. Titters are the way to go for me and as long as he's healthy I'll continue to stretch out the duration of vaccines in order to cut down on the number of times he'll have to have it in his lifetime. Pat and Lisa, thank you for the confirmation, I thought rabies was the only mandatory vaccine but wasn't sure.

  • Oakley got his DHPP vaccine and the vet ended up giving him a DHLPP even after a confirmation call an hour before the appt. I am sitting down with a new vet next week, I'm so pissed at the vets office! As with all shots, Oakley was under the weather four hours afterwards. I walked him after the vets in hopes to keep him from getting stiff and sore (which leads to screaming pain), and we successfully managed without crying pain but he did get a brief fever, followed with very restless moments and periods of being passed out…tail uncurled and low, ears flat and to the side, rapid breathing...all his normal "after" shot" behaviors. Ever since his near death bout with over vaccination the vets told me he'd be very sensitive to vaccination but jeeze, I hate watching him suffer!
    Today he's bounced back and is his goober self.
    Ps- 71$ for the vaccine to be given, 21$ for the shot and 50$ for the vet to give it vs a technician ( of which I won't allow because they've always needed to stick him more than once)!!
    What a ridiculous price to pay and to top it off NOT the vaccine I wanted him to have!
    Thanks for listening to me rant, had a tough two days

  • First Basenji's

    Ugh, that sucks. And yes, a ridiculous amount to pay for not doing a simple job correctly. Why are they charging $71 "for the vaccine to be given" AND $50 for the vet to handle it?!

    My sympathies… and glad that Oakley is back to normal.

  • 71$ total
    21.00 DHLPP vaccine ( should have been DHPP, same cost)
    50.00 for the Vet administer the vaccine instead of just a technician appt. to give the shot

    Stupidest thing in the world because IF any of the technicians could have given it properly before then it wouldn't be an issue for them to give it..but they always always end up sticking him then he moves and they have to stick him again to draw it fully. I'm so angry, I should be refunded something for this ridiculous charade…but I'm so through, it's time to move on, cut my losses and get Oak better care. Hence, I will not choose a vet who will not sit down with me and discuss before hand being open to my wishes (such as titering, doing baseline panels, opting out of certain vaccines, feeding choices etc).

  • 2 words for you:

    holistic vet

    I have to say mine has certainly been helpful in making my dogs live long, healthy lives. Digital the brindlewonderkid will be 16 in december and Jet the trying (still trying) will be 15 in a month. Having said that, I do have a traditional vet, but I doubt either will be getting any more shots. At the begining of this year Diggie got a rabies and I asked if he really needed the other stuff. My traditional vet shook her head. (I probably would have skipped the rabies, but he's a certified therapy dog, or at least was at the begining of the year. I think he's offically retired from even that now.)

    Good luck. and sorry they lack in customer service and progressive knowledge.

  • I agree with agilebasenji, holistic vet….. especially if you can not find a traditional vet that respects your wishes. My traditional Vet does... and is always willing to discuss options...

  • I would definitely find a different vet. If the techs are not good enough to give a vaccine in one go, I don't think I would trust them with any other procedure they may need perform during the life of my dogs. It is really hard to find good vets. I have 3 vet offices that I use and am lucky to have found some wonderful vets who hire great staff. All the vets I go to listen to me about my dogs' care which is top of the list in finding a good vet. One who dismisses you as a pet owner who doesn't know anything but thinks they do, will not work with you to meet the individual needs of your dog.

    Did you administer benadryl prior to Oakley getting the vaccine? We had to do that with a vaccine reactive cat though we rarely had to vaccinate him after his severe vaccine reaction.

  • I would certainly look for a new vet. A vet needs to be able to communicate with the owners and it doesn't sound like yours is doing that . The $50 charge for the vet to administer the shot was probably the standard office charge. The vet has to block time to spend with each patient, no matter what the patient is there for. The vet usually perform a physical exam even if you only need a shot. A tech is not certified to do an exam thus the lack of an office fee.

  • Called to talk to the owner of a vet practice and he wasn't in so they took a MSG and told me he'd call on Monday. Turns out he stopped in to check on the practice and called me Sunday but I didn't pick up. Totally blanked out today with the weather and at 6 I got a call, it was Dr. Seigel, we ended up talking for half an hour and he seems to be very open to my philosophies, working with me and most of all is excited to learn about the breed. It's nice to hear a vet say they learn so much from their patients…he agreed to take us on and I will see him in a month for Oakleys two year checkup. Im also having a full blood panel drawn as a baseline...should i have a full t4 thyroid panel done also? lastly, come january he will be getting his hips done for OFA since he will be two this November. The Dr. even remembered taking care of my first dog Petey for the last few yrs of his life...makes me happy!

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