Recommendation for multi parasite?

Hi all,

I will travel to USA. and would like to have multi parasite tablets for my Basenji? (It is not possible to find in Turkey. ) Do you have any recommendation any product? I prefer long term effect tablets.


Why do you need a parasite tablet? Other than monthly heart worm, unless your dog has parasites, you should not just give.... In my opinion

This is something you should discuss this with your dogs Vet. I am not familiar with your area -- the intestinal parasites common in dogs and wildlife in the US may be different than what you would encounter where you live. Please research it beforehand, but ask about Trifexis. It is available online with a Vet prescription, given once a month, and the dosage is based on your dogs weight.

Yes we lived in the US with our dog for 10 years, we used Trifexis there, in fact we use it here in the UK too.

Do not give your dog oral NEUROTOXINS unless you are prepared to deal with death and lifetime seziures. Just what sort of parasites are you worried about?

@dmcarty said in Recommendation for multi parasite?:

Do not give your dog oral NEUROTOXINS

Are you referring to Trifexis specifically, or something else? Or any and all heartworm and tick medications?

Caner-Are you coming here just for the medicine or for visiting? You know you are most welcome here at our home!

Hi all,

I am just looking best product for my girl. Therefore i researched some tablet brand Trifexis looks fine thank you for all information.

@nancyss Thank you very much Nancy 🙂 It is still under plan, for sure i will inform to you!. Same as for you more than welcome to our home (Istanbul)

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