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Aw, she's lovely! Our boy started with dry, flaky skin in the springtime this year, he's 8 months now. We live in the countryside and his walks are through farmland on public footpaths. His underbelly skin became red and sore looking and a bit 'crepey' which is when I decided to have a vet look at it. It seems he has an allergy to something in the environment, probably to do with running through the grasses. He started to have a runny nose with some sneezing around the same time. Now we have it under control with antihistamines, and I do wash his belly area down once a week 'sponge bath' fashion, using a shampoo called 'Coatex' which has been brilliant. I also follow by giving his belly area a good rub over with good 'food' quality extra virgin coconut oil, and he gets to lick a teaspoonful too - which he loves. He also seems to have a tendency to dry skin so I just soft brush him a couple of times week to slough it off and finish off with a slick of the oil. So far this is keeping it under control - he'll still get a flare up now and again but nothing like it was. Another shampoo suggested by the vet was 'Allermyl' but we found the Coatex the best. I don't bathe him all over, just the belly area quick rub over with a soft baby's sponge soaked in a solution of a squirt of shampoo in a bowl of warm water, then rinsed down with same sponge and fresh water, followed by fluffy towel. He does run when he sees the bowl approaching, but the coconut oil wins him over. Good luck!

posted in Basenji Health Issues & Questions read more

Yes we lived in the US with our dog for 10 years, we used Trifexis there, in fact we use it here in the UK too.

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