Hello from Arizona!

Hello all 🙂

This is Hemi, I adopted her about 3 years ago from a family member that could no longer keep her. She was about 5 months old when I got her, and was originally adopted from the pound.

The pound classified her as a heeler mix, but she did not display any of the characteristic heeler behaviors that I am familiar with. After doing some research I came across an article about Basenji's and everything finally made sense! We have always joked that she is more of a cat than a dog, and I have so many videos of her special "singing." She is INSANELY smart, stubborn, and the love of my life! 🙂

I have asked my vet about her breed with no luck, so I was hoping for some sort of "confirmation" that I am right about her being a Basenji. I know that she isn't pure bred, but I think she has a good amount of Basenji in her. Any opinions are welcome!


Oh yes, definitely a Basenji! The look, the sitting position, no question in my mind. Very sweet looking girl and I bet you love her to bits!

It sure looks like it! There are DNA tests now that can narrow down breeds.

She looks rather basenji-esque to me too. 🙂

I am so happy to hear that I am probably right! The DNA test would be fun, maybe I will try and see. Basenji's are definitely a special breed. Not for someone that wants a low maintenance dog. How smart she is amazes me, and anyone that comes into contact with her. It makes me laugh everytime someone calls a basenji the "barkless" dog.

People post mixes here and on Facebook all the time thinking the are a basenji or a mix.. This one is one of the few that really might be! She's probably mixed but I have seen purebred capped basenjis and ones with heavy ticking. A dna test would be interesting!
Her ears look a bit more rat terrier than basenji and the breeds have such a similar look that they get mistaken for each other a lot. I have a friend with a red/white standard rat terrier (show dog) who had a docked tail and is constantly mistaken for a basenji.

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