• Do any of your dogs, use their front feet, to catch a ball? Callie does, and it is just hilarious! 🙂

  • Yes, Basenjis are very "active" with their front feet…gggg We call them "hands".....

  • Abbey stops her soccer ball with her paws then she stands on it to keep me from getting it back.

  • I have never seen that. You should try and get a video. Dash just likes to smack you in the face with his feet when you blow in his face!

  • That is my Mickii also… blow in her face and then watch out... she became so good at the timing of smacking you in the face that she could pop the contact out of my friend Parry's eye.... gggg... She is to this day very good at this... and she calculates every swing...

  • Sahara uses her feet like hands, she is very efficient with them, she can stretch to the max to get something and use her feet to bring it to her teeth. We have been calling them hands since she was a small pup, she also uses them to paw at you for you to scratch her or give her attention. She is soooooooo spoiled, and we love her dearly.

  • Yes…Jojo uses her front paws like hands...while a B fetch a ball? I know they like to play with them but how about fetching?

  • Lenny used his front paws to climb over a fence at a friends house. Luckily he climbed into another completely fenced in yard and I could just hop over to get him. I swear, sometimes I think he has opposable thumbs!

  • Maggii used to climb up latice fencing like it was a ladder… We had to ditch using it.... and yes, I agree about the thumbs!

  • Callie catches her small rubber ball, with her front feet, and legs! She uses them, to bring the ball to her mouth! 🙂

  • Yes I LOVE the way they use their front paws…I think they swear they are human LOL 😃 😃

  • I agree. This is the first dog I've ever seen do this and it's one of my many favorite things about him. Everyone finds it incredible when he uses his paws like hands, especially when he's reaching for something on the bed or table.

  • Alani doesn't use her paws to catch but definately for many other things. When we play fetch and you stop playing before she's done she grab your arm with her paws and when we first get home she jumps up and pulls down on your pants with her paws (I'm not sure if she's trying to get up or pull us down?).

  • AWW, i cant get Jack to chase after a ball, he ONLY likes ropes. And its weird because i bought him a busy kong and out his fav. (peanutbutter) treat in it, and hes NOT interested at all….WHAT?? but its PEANUTBUTTER!!! hmmmm...

  • I call Mica's hands little fingerlings.

    BaMicas Mom

  • Shadow will wrap his hands around my arm and bunny hop in place for me to pick him up.

  • If they feel like it, mine will fetch a few times, maybe 10 at most, until they get tired of it then they will leave the ball altogether or take it someone else so we do not keep tossing it.

    They definitely use their front paws like hands and if we roll a ball past them will try to catch it before it gets away. They will also sometimes play ball by themselves just by batting it around.

  • Duke is an avid ball player. His enthusiasm is relentless. Daisy just watches him like he's a nut! She isn't amused with a ball unless she's chewing it.

  • Max used his paws to pull the handle on my nightstand to open the drawer. He would hop up on the bed, reach over, pull the drawer open, and then look inside to see what he could take…..he also pulled open the cabinets and fridge door in the kitchen--I think that's pretty common with Bs. I still have all the childproof locks in the kitchen, but Tyler and Zoey haven't attempted to open anything yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time.....

  • I love it when Jack uses his paws as hands and rubs his eyes when he first wakes up or is sleepy it is SOO adorable!! I just cant get over how expressive Basenjis are!!

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