Toys your Basenji should not really play with or kill

  • Hah. Dallas loves chewing up underwear, clean or dirty, he doesn't seem to have a preference. He does seem to have a preference on brand name though! Whenever he has gotten a hold of a pair of my underwear, it never fails, they are the expensive Victoria's Secret pair. I have lost probably close to $100 in panties over the past year thanks to my little predator! He finally trained me to not keep underwear anywhere that he is able to get to. This means, I went out & bought a special laundry hamper that he is unable to get into! Haha.

  • Glad to see I am not the only one with this problem. Kona will take my bras and go running through the house with them with no regard to visitors being present!!

  • Laundry day is a real challenge in my house! Shaye watches for the clothes to come out of the dryer into the laundry basket for folding, and it's a really fun game for her to try to grab something before I can stop her. Nothing I can say will keep her away from it, and so it becomes a little war - wish it weren't so funny, because it's hard to show my stern face when I'm giggling. And yes, underwear of any kind is her favorite too. I have to shut my bedroom door and fold on the bed to keep her away.

  • Leave it to a Basenji to find your most favorite items and chew the crap out of em!
    Bras are the worst but socks….ooohhhhh how they just love socks!

  • Underpants are the worst in this house or anything with a crotch!!!!!

  • These were good for a chuckle. Just wondering Pat - does everyone in your house have to walk around with their legs crossed? I almost pd myself from laughing when I read your post.

  • Houston

    Pearl really likes sock. Its funny to me, but annoying when trying to dress. Pearl really likes trash, bathroom trash, we have to keep the can up. Yourdogs are beautiful, by the way!

  • Of COURSE it was her favorite one…would a B accept any less? For some unknown reason, they ALWAYS choose the favorite...

  • I have an 'audio file' running in my head….the snap-snap-snap of the head shaking ear pop along with the clap-clap-clap of the bra cups in the process of being shook to death:eek:

    Could be a sound track to a full length feature film about 'senji's:D

  • Oh wow..I totally get the underwear thing. Kayah will actually steal any type of clothing…she'll even drag our coats across the floor.

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