• I say he played today which is true, but it was by himself with an orange tennis ball. He tossed it a couple of times yesterday but today after our morning walk, we came back and went out into our newly fenced back yard. He did his usual 100 mile a second dash around and then he ran over to the ball, grabbed it, and tossed it very high, when it hit and began to roll, he took off after it and did it again.

    He was leaping and jumping and looked totally happy!

    He is a real sweetie and is beginning to show off some of his goof ball behavior! Tonight, he was sleeping on the couch and his head was hanging off the side. He began to snore, and then his tongue slipped out of his mouth! He rolled over a bit so his feet were in the air and with his head down and tongue hanging out he looked like he was totally drunk.

    Of course he moved the second I reached for the camera!

    I have gotten a couple of photos and they are in my member gallery. I tried to upload some on the show off your B thread but they came on as attachments. Not sure what I did.

    Anyway, just wanted to share!


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