• Beeji got a stuffed toy as a welcome to the family. (what can I say, we have friends who love to give him toys). It sorta looks like the Pet Smart Bobo stuffed toy and has a squeaker in its nose but a deeper almost like a quak sound in its body.

    At first Beeji just would take it up on the couch with him to nap. I think there is a pic of him with it in my gallery.

    Well, yesterday, Beeji found the quaky sound and has fallen in puppy lust with it. He grabs the toy, tossed it up in the air (is that a B trait or does that come from his Terrier side?) and then grabs it and mouths it till he gets his mouth over the quaker. Then he starts biting it but at different speeds. Mom declares he is playing a tune!!

    He will do this till we are both ready to de-quak the thing and then he takes it, shakes it and "hides" it behind my mom's chair.

    Mom uses a rollator walker which she parks behind her recliner. Beeji has decided it is the entrance to his den (now he has no den just the space behind out two recliners and their backs are turned to the open kitchen/dining area but he doesn't seem to mind)

    He runs behind mom's chair, ducks under the walker and then curls up behind my chair. He hides his toy bear behind my chair, the bobo toy behind Mom's chair, his rope chew across from my mom's chair between the couch and the side table, his rawhide bone next to the hallway wall but diagonal from mom's chair and his rubber bone next to the walkers wheels.

    Needless to say it can be dicey for mom to get around all this. So I got the bright idea to gather the toys and put them in a very very heavy cut glass vase/jar/jug thing that used to be filled with unshelled nuts until a certain B mix found them and proceeded to take them all out one by one and scatter them all over the living room!

    I took all the toys and just piled them in the glass container. Beeji took one look and it reminded me of the TV show Monk, where if something is not in its place the world will end. Beeji dashed to the glass jar, grabbed each toy one at a time and put them back in the EXACT SAME Place I had picked them up from. Welll excusssssse me… Guess I won't be picking up toys again! (unless I just want to bedevil him!!!

    As you can see Beeji is settling in nicely and is very patient in his training of me his not quite so smart human!!!


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