Beeji had the time of his life tonight

  • Beeji had a blast tonight. A friend and I had to clear out a storage hut in our backyard. My friend couldn't come till it was dark so we had the backyard lights on and our flashlights.

    As we were pulling out boxes, Beeji was in the middle of everything sniffing like mad and trying to open any box lids not taped down. There were 2 folks coming to pick up a LOT of boxes for a charity yard sale tomorrow. We were putting the yard sale boxes on one side and the keepers on the other.

    Beeji had just about given up on the boxes when my friend found an old piece of pink plastic shower curtain (why it had been kept is a great mystery), and Beeji decided it was his and his alone.

    He took off running and dived into the center of the plastic and began grabbing the sides and shredding it like mad. At first we thought of taking it away from him but then he grabbed one end and began to run around the yard with the plastic flapping over his back like a cape! It was too cute and I sure wish I had had a camera that would take night time shots but sadly I don't.

    We kept an eye on him to make sure he wasn't swallowing any but he was too busy shredding away. Finally after several blasting runs around the yard with said plastic flapping and several more leaps into the plastic and rolling up inside of it and finally shredding it to bits, he just sprawled out in the middle of this huge pile of shredded plastic strips and grinned and grinned.

    When the folks came to pick up the yardsale stuff, Beeji ran inside the house to wait with Mom and to get a treat. After they loaded up, we proceeded to pick up a gazillion bits of plastic and then we got to go inside for some warmth and a human treat or two!!!

    Beeji was crashed on the couch flat out on his back his head thrown back off the sofa cushion snoring his heart out. What a happy contended little dog!! Gotta love him!

  • great story! basenjis are such great kids!!

  • he grabbed one end and began to run around the yard with the plastic flapping over his back like a cape!

    LOL! He's a 'senji super hero! Just call him SuperSenji! 🙂

  • Basenjis are SO curious!! and SMART!!

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