• Its that time of year again…. Lola has sadly outgrown her ultra cute sweater from puppyhood, and she needs her big girl coat. I've been to sitstay.com and dog.com. Where do you get your dog coats?

    Lola in her first sweater

    Booger in his winter fleece (from sitstay.com)

  • Ruffwear is our brand. The Cloud Chaser is the model name. XS they are sold online

    altrec.com has them for a nice price

  • Funny you mention that, we just (yesterday) ordered coats from Land's End. They were ridiculously priced, in a good way. I hope they're decent, and warm. Riley's was $10 and Zip's was $7 b/c we got them diff sizes. We were only going to order one for Riley but then Liz talked me into spending another $7 on one for Zip. I guess she hates the cheetah print collar on zip's other coat, thaaat much. Riley's is red and Zippy's is blue.


    We'll have a photo shoot when the coats are in 🙂

  • wow! that is a good deal. i made coats for everyone last year, but at that price, i might have to buy some.

  • I like Fido Fleece because that velcro on the top of the back - handy for wiggly basenjis and that design keeps their belly warmer than just a band.

    Typically I buy them at dog shows in the midwest but I've not seen them lately - I hear they are redesigning some stuff.

    FYI - the floatation items are great too - especially like the handle on top if you have to drag your B out of the water if they forget they can't walk on it and jump out of the boat or canoe.


  • My dog has one of those Lands End coats and a Foggy Mountain coat also. We use the Lands End one when it's damp and cool and the Foggy Mountain one when it's really cold. The Foggy Mountain one is a heavier coat. The light up feature on the Lands End one is neat. It flashes or stays on constantly. Both coats are really nice.

  • For inside the house, Hubby only lets us keep the heat at 65, we got these for our b's.


    They live in them. Easy to put on, easy to clean and they last forever.

  • @dmcarty:

    I like Fido Fleece because that velcro on the top of the back - handy for wiggly basenjis and that design keeps their belly warmer than just a band.

    They have a couple (like literally three different designs) of Fido Fleece at sitstay.com. I think Booger's skull one is fido fleece (it has the velcro on the back) & one I'm looking at for Lola definatelly is. I do love the velcro on the back!

  • Alright, we have several styles of coats by different people for our dogs. Rio has the most because she gets colder than the others and loves being in a coat, I think they make her feel pretty.

    This sweater and Jammies of Rio's were made by Doggie Duds by Nona, http://www.jo-na-da.com/ . They are very comfortable and Rio loves snuggling up in them.


  • Rally is sporting one of the many Fido Fleece designs that we have. Fido Fleece is one of our favorite coat brands and all my dogs have at least one.

    Here is Sophie with her mom. Sophie is sporting one a coat by All Seasons, http://www.allseasonsproducts.us All the dogs have one of these too. The are great, easy on easy off coats. When it is especially cold out we put these on over their Fido Fleece.


  • I've bought the Lands End coats (some have reflective strips) which are water repelent. They work great when it's not too cold (remember I live in Minnesota where we define cold by how far below 32F it gets). Then as it really gets cold I use a fleece coat I made EL D for cheap

  • I think Carrie (Andrew) and I are going to make our B's fleece sweaters, too. Her idea, she's crafty that one. I still have to post pics of the little clay figurines she made of my B's for my bday, oh, over 2 months ago. I want to make Zip and Riley's sweaters coordinate with the Land's End Coats so we can layer them if it's cold enough :eek: Too bad they won't be in for awhile. I may have to guess on the color…

    Where did you get the pattern? Any suggestions?

  • I just love Booger's new coat!! All the dogs look great in them

  • Just google "free dog coat pattern" and you'll find lots of stuff. Or if you already have a dog coat, just use that one for a pattern if you like it. I sort of mixed and matched when I made them for my kids.

    side view (Digital, my brindle has the new coat on)

    front view

    off the dogs

    fleece is nice to work with b/c you don't have to finish the edges, however, it does NOTHING to block the wind, so if you live somewhere where you have a bit of wind, you may need to use something other than basic fleece. I used windblock fleece on the boys' coats.

  • I just put the Lands End coat over the fleece when it got windy.
    I'll have to look for windblock and make another – the weatherman is saying we'll have a typically cold winter (for MN) this year.

  • I actually had a reversable Fido Fleece that was windbreaker rain suit on one side and fleece on the other - had a snugger tie around the middle like a waist and a hood.

    I only had one dog that liked it and when I placed him the coat went along. It was a discontinued line and quite pricy but I got it at a show on the clearance rack.

    Hey fellow minnesotan - are you near South Minneapolis and is Miles from Indiana?

  • Dmcarty - I'm up in Blaine (north side of cities) and I have EL D not Miles - he's one of Sally Wuornos' pups.
    There's a couple other minnesotans (city folks and nearby) on the forum - maybe we could get together somewhere?

  • For all those of you living in cold climates - I got a "Chilly Dog" coat (http://www.chillydogs.ca/) for Brodie a couple Christmases ago. It is a great design and super warm and has held up really well. A bit expensive but worth it. He also got a matching head muff which was supposed to keep his ears warm (this was when we were living in Ottawa and the -40C weather) but he hated having his ears covered.

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