• Does any one know where I can get boots that will stay on. I have two Basenjis in Minneapolis. (I know that is cruel) but here they are and they like the snow until their paws get cold.

  • Howdy neighbor - I have tried a couple of different options and none of them have worked. They just lay on their backs and look at me like - what have you done to me - my feet are broken.

  • When Lillie had stitches in her paw, I needed to keep the paw dry. I tried everything. What worked and fit the best were natural rubber, waterproof dog boots by Pawz. 12 disposable boots…slips on, stays on. I believe they were around $17.00. Their website is www.PAWZDOGBOOTS.com. Of course, as soon as we came in from our walk, Lillie was trying to get them off.
    Another waterproof dog boots we tried were waterproof nylon boots with non-skid soles and Velcro straps for a snug fit. $9.99 They did not fit as snug as the pawz. There is no website on the package. The company is Signature Fashion Pet Collection…#130 Waterproof Woof Boots.
    Good luck!

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