• Went to Target today bought Sandie the cutest winter jacket and sweater and its to small 😞 …. the large isnt big enough so i guess ill take back and see if the xlarge fits but they are really big looking 😞 .. what happend to my lil big eard girl 😞 ...
    Has any one checked out Targets selection i almost think its better than our petsmart... I have tried walmart but they only seem to have xsmall, small, and medium sizes...
    I tried Old Navy our store doesnt have dog attire grrrrrrrrrrrr....

  • i always shop at target! if you see my thread about new threads fender is wearing his target sweater in one of the pictures. (he is modeling the medium, but nothing fits him right) target has especially cute stuff for girl dogs. yesterday i went to tuesday morning and they had lots of dog clothes, for $5. (generally i am a tj maxxaholic, but mine doesnt carry dog stuff often) we also have a petco here, with a decent selection of clothes.

  • Took back the large coat at target picked up the xlarge.. omg its hugeeeeeeeeee.. took it back went to petsmart they finally got in thier winter selections… i picked up a sweater and a jacket...My husband jokinly ask if i was gonna get her boots also and i told him maybe... they do have matching boots for the jacket... just none in her size ... now if it only get cold enough for her to wear them... Its supossed to be 78 tomarrow ...this isnt normal for oklahoma

  • We have farm stores here, Rural King. I LOVE to buy Mary her sweaters & I can take her ALONG! 😃 They are nice fleece ones that velcro along the back. I like them the BEST so far! They don't get caught on her little nails or anything! The price is right too, less than $8. a sweater/jacket for her size x~small. 🙂

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh … i didnt even think about checking with the farming stores or in cowtown .. great idea ... maybe the western clothing stores has western type jackets like made from horse type blankets... thanks for the idea

  • I've found sweaters with sleeves don't seem to fit ours very well and they don't like how restrictive they are. I always look for the sleeveless type. Old Navy had jackets on clearance which fit them great (SM). Sally Wallis (Zande Basenji's) hand knits them and sells them. I saw her ad on eBay and they are $20 and the profits go to the UK rescue. She has a lot of photos on her site of them on…. oh, and if you haven't yet been to her site, makes some coffee and get ready!

  • I got a sweater for Buddi at WalMart and the med fits perfect although a little too short… the large would have been long and baggy around the chest. Other than that he likes that it keeps him warm but it took forever for him to get used to it. He acted like he couldn't jump and would crawl up on the couch. It was quite funny!!

  • I put my Buttons in a K9 Top Coat Arctic Fleece Jogging suit which covers her belly and all four legs. They are really warm and perfect for our early morning walks when it's very cold here in MO. Size 3 fits most Basenji's like a glove and it does not cramp their style. Only problem is that they are quite expensive but Her Majesty Buttons worries not about little things such as that as long as she is warm and toasty.

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