• This picture was taken earlier this year when we had extreme winter temperatures of -20.

    The Bs are togged up in their Equafleeces and this is my husband - also sporting an Equafleece neckie (and socks! :)) Nakura's blue jumper has 4 legs to it. The Bs are quite happy to go on their usual walks in all kinds of weather when they wear their coats - although the humans are not always so keen :rolleyes:

    The weather is to get rather cold this week - apparently down to -10 overnight.

  • Pretty in yellow 😃

  • Pretty :o

  • Houston

    Nice an toasty..Very cozy.

  • Brrrrrr, looks cold! Those jackets are great, I love the high-visibility color.

  • First Basenji's

    Now THAT'S some yellow!
    I see another thumbs/paws up for Equafleece…

  • I just love seeing people and their "kids" dressed up the same, its so adorable!

  • Love those Equafleece coats!! Not too sure about the fluoro colour though!!
    I just checked out their website - I think my oldies would like those.
    Are they prompt with sending the goods out?

  • Hi Kiwir
    I'm sure Mary at Equafleece would send stuff out pretty quick. I always buy mine at shows so not too sure about postal times. Give them an email and ask. My dogs have at least 4 of these jumpers each in all sorts of styles and colours. I wouldn't buy any other jumpers for them 🙂
    I should say I also have a jumper chewer. He hates having 'legs' so I just make sure I get him the jumpers without legs on.

  • Equafleece is amazing!! Oakley has three…and I always get mine quickly

  • Thanks for that - I'll email them tonight.
    I spent several hours on the computer last night checking out all different manufacturers, but kept coming back to Equafleece.
    Good news on the home front - Jerry still had his coat on this morning - untouched!!
    His sister Chloe (of course!) hadn't touched hers. It's marvellous how they discovered warmth was better than destruction.

  • I agree..I use both Equafleece and hurtta as far as clothing- both somewhat hard to get in New England, we also get frigid winters so I use the Equafleece as a liner for the hurtta… Oakleys spoiled and always warm!

  • Our winters here in Australia are not like yours in New England - we don't get snow where I am, but do get hard frosts. Cold days are 14C, but situated where I am on the side of a hill, the wind off the snow area 75 kms further up the valley can get a bit lazy - prefers to go through you rather than round you!!
    And as we all know - Basenjis don't 'do' cold!! My Swedish boy is cuddled up in his bed in front of the heater beside me. Silly boy still gets his summer coat in our winter!!

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