• What do people use for coats for their B's we are going camping in a few weeks and I want to get mine something that will help in the rain and cold. Any suggestions for fitting such a weird little body?

  • I found an inexpensive rain coat at LL Bean ("storm chaser") for about $20.

  • Check out Montana Dogwear

    I almost wish it were colder here so I could justify buying them for my kids!
    Not too cheap, but a great fit.
    Anne in Tampa

  • Zippy has a montana dog ware coat. Definitely pricey, I asked for it for Xmas. Great coat, but 2 issues: You might want to inquire about the specific pattern of the coordinating print fleece that goes around the neck. Zip has a red coat with a ….wait for it.....red and black cheetah print turtleneck. Sooo...Liz likes to call her drag queen dog when she has it on. Also....I don't remember for the life of me what measurements we sent in, but the coat is a tad too long, even with the design that allows for an upright tail. I have to adjust it on her body so that it doesn't hit her tail and curl upward. The fleece on the inside is thick so I think it keeps her pretty warm.

  • Regarding what Mauigirl said about the length of the coat…IMHO that is the most important one for a chance of success with your b-kid wearing a coat. Ruby has a hunting coat (similar to a horse blanket) and a sweater and both of them end well before her tail. I tried others that didn't and there was NO WAY she would wear it and walk. Also, for Ruby, either no legs on the front or something very short and non restrictive was key (otherwise she walked like she was wearing a straight jacket.

    Ruby would prefer to go without anything, but when it is super cold or it is hunting season, she has to wear something.

  • Yes, I would agree about the tail too. Toscas coat is not super warm and not water repellant, but does fit her nicely. She tolerates it well, except when it is touching her tail. Then she just stands there and refuses to move until I get it off. Kinda funny, but rather annoying on walks when it keeps falling over her tail!

  • I bought a generic coat at petsmart meant for bird dogs. I had to cut and re-sew the belly straps, but it's perfect now. It is water proof with fleece inside, it has three reflective stripes and a pocket (for my kleenix, and NOT treats!) on both sides. It also comes with a collar that covers his entire neck. It's going on it's third season at the farm, so it's pretty hardy

  • there are a lot of nice stuff reasonably priced on ebay. I've found a size medium or large will work.

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