Look who I saw today!

I do have to say in Wheats behalf…does this photo make my nose look big???

In that - yes!!

It must be super to get together with the other 'Africans'.

Hehehe Patty, your so right! but she is a joy….thanks for the note.

I have never seen this color in a full blooded Basenji, is it because she is from Africian Basenjis?

The african's Dr Jo brought over are all very light.
Wheat has some darker hairs that are falling out as I type.
I didn't realize this is just a very light red…
Yes, that is a color that is in Africa..
Remember, brindle coloration wasn't desired when they first started to be shown...


I have never seen this color in a full blooded Basenji, is it because she is from Africian Basenjis?

I've only ever seen black and white photos of the original cream basenjis bred from Bongo and Bokoto of Blean, so I don't know how close Ms Wheat's coat is to them, but lighter colour basenjis have been whelped in the USA before. The colouring wasn't very desirable (as they had pink eyes and noses, similar to albino patterns), so was bred out and had probably completely disappeared by the late 1940s.

Having seen Ms. Wheat in person, I don't know how anyone could not want a basenji with her coat colour. I would snap up her puppies in heartbeat, should she have them.

Thanks Steven…I think she is wonderful. We should get some feedback when she goes to the BCOA national..at least, I hope so.

I've never seen the originalcreams from Bongo and Bokoto but I have seen other later creams. These were not the same colour as Miss Wheat who looks to me as though she is a pale sandy colour (I may be wrong as though of course I've only seen photos. The creams I saw certainly didn't have pink eyes and noses - pale yes, but not albinoid by any means. Ithink that they were not deemed acceptable because it was feraed that they might be albinos. Some breeders at the time culled the creams but some wouldn't do so. I have two photos of creams but the photos are in poor condition.

First Basenji's


Now that is one funny picture -

cool picture, basenji`s are so funny….ilove em!!!

First Basenji's


I wonder who this Wheat-coloured nose belongs to…

it reminds me of our Wingco when he was young….........i used to laugh and say` to him boy, i hope you grow into those ears hahaha:p
he did .

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