Spencer is 14 today!

Seems like just yesterday that he was a rambunctious little puppy, but my sweet Spencer turns 14 today. This is a very special birthday, one that we didn't think we would see when he was diagnosed with Fanconi eight years ago. Spencer has survived a grand mal seizure, a stroke, pancreatitis and numerous infections and has only recently begun to slow down and fail. If you all were in the area, Spencer would say, "Come over for Muttloaf and yogurt!" 🙂

Happy birthday Spencer.

Oh wow!!! Happy Bday Spencer. We look forward to #15

Way to go Spencer…. and Kudos to his Mom for being such a great Basenji slave

Thanks, everybody, for the b-day wishes! Having a happy day, except for the pouring rain, which has the b-day B quite displeased.


Way to go Spencer…. and Kudos to his Mom for being such a great Basenji slave

Heehee, slave about covers it. But aren't we all! 🙂

Happy Birthday Spencer!


Happy wonderful 14th b'day Spencer. This is your day, so make sure your humans attend to your every need today. 😃

Happy 14th birthday! Hope it is a wonderful day with lots of baroos and love.

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on fourteen years

Happy 14th birthday Spencer!

Congrats Spencer!! Hope there are many more to come!

Happy 14th, Spencer! You are one tough basenji, hope you have more good years ahead!

Super happy birthday Spencer - what a basenji!

Spencer sends a big thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It was a very nice day, despite the unseasonably early dusting of white stuff (oh, no, snow!)! Luckily, it didn't stick around.

A few days late but Happy 14th Birthday, Spencer.

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