• I meant Champ….Our little boy is 2 today. We sang him happy b-day and as if he knew it was his b-day he is acting like a total diva or is it divo?..he won't let us go near his sister but wants all the attention for himself. Gonna make him a nice hamburger and maybe give him some vanilla ice cream later.....:)

  • Sounds like a great birthday celebration!! Happy Woofday!!!

  • How common is it to celebrate a dog's b-day?

  • Happy Birthday Chance!!!

    Gooby, I celebrate all my guys birthdays, even the cat. I make a small carrot cake an we all share it and they get gifts

  • @Gooby:

    How common is it to celebrate a dog's b-day?

    I celerbrate my kids B-days with one special treat… honestly however I doubt they know the difference.... 😕

  • i forgot to say "HAPPY BIRFDAY!"

  • Happy Birthday Chance, sounds like a great day so far!

  • thanks all . BTW he's name is Champ..i mistyped. I think this whole thing we do for the b-days is just really for us. But i di think he knows that on that particular day he is loved and spoiled extra.

  • Happy birthday a little late. Hope Champ had fun.

  • Champ is so cute, Happy Birthday! My furbaby's B-Day is the 3lst. of Jan. and I surely plan on celebrating with her. She too will get a Special meal and gifts of course.

  • he did have a great b-day. though now he is 2 and i guess time for the fanconi testing…..where do i start? i tried looking up the info from past threads using the search engine but there are so many things there I was hoping someone could save me some time and give me a quick reply..thanks

  • Go and get urine strip sugar test strips at the Pharmacy. Make sure they are for testing sugar in the urine. Get him to pee on the strip and read the results (more like matching the color to the bottle). Testing should be once a month, however you will note that the test strips are only good for about 6 months… so I always tested about 3 or 4 days in a row... that way I didn't feel like I was wasting them... and really when they start to spill early, some days they will, some days they might not... but spilling is a indication of something being wrong...
    And you might consider have the DNA test done, right now for the next few months they are trying to find the direct marker, if not they will continue with the Linkage test... either way you can use the test to see what his DNA shows for Fanconi

  • spilling? like if he's spilling pee?

  • I had one of my basenjis - help me celebrate mine by getting on the table and eating my cake - when no one was looking.

    Could have been worse - I had the huge cake for my sons high school graduation and he did not eat that one.

    (I might have attached a picture) (or maybe not)


    Luzmery-you can buy the strips at Duane Reade near you. They usually sell them behind the pharmacy counter. They come in a yellow & white box & it's Diabetic Strip Tests. What you're doing is bascially testing your dog's urine to see if there is any glucose in his urine. If the test strip turns colors then that means he's "spilling" glucose. That's the first sign of Fanconi. Hope this helps 🙂

  • yes it does..thanks alot. i think i also read to that the first urine of the day is best?

  • @luzmery928:

    yes it does..thanks alot. i think i also read to that the first urine of the day is best?

    I have never found that it makes a difference… but you do want to try and catch the stream "mid" pee if you can

  • yuck..seems messy..lol..thanks for the great info

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