• zeus & milosh, taking milosh for a teeth cleaning-he will be there most of the day.

    was thinking bringing both with me for the ride- but since iam only leaving one with the vet i dont want to stress him out as me n zeus leave him there- but i also dont want to leave zeus at home alone as i we leave to the vet…what should i do????

    they always go on walks together!-any suggestions?

  • Wow I don't know why posts are taking several days to pop up as new! I guess by now too late to help, but really, I'd crate Zeus. He needs to learn to be alone and it is not a long time.

  • Or you would be surprise with alone time not in a crate… my girls are bonded.. but I have no problem taking one to the Vet and leaving the other alone at home... since that are used to being loose their part of the house.. there are no issues...

  • Or take them both, and be relaxed about it all. The less anxiety in you, the calmer they will be.

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