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Hi, I'm from Peru and I a question about my 2 basenjis. I found a 5 months cat and my daughters want to keep the cat but I'm afraid for cat's safe. I know that they have haunting behavior because when we go out and they see a squirrel, a pigeon or a cat hey want to chase them. 3 months ago I get a parrot, a little agapornis fisher. The bird now is leaving free for the house and my male dog even play with him and let the parrot fly on his head. My female is a little bit nervous but she just ignore him. First day they were excited and want to catch him but now he flies and they keep sleeping. With the cat they were very very nervous. I put the cat in a safe room and they started sniff from the door and listen the cat "Meaw". For first 3 days I never put the cat and dogs together. 4th day I put the cat on my knees. Dogs started to get excited but then my male started to go near the cat and cat started to play with him. My dog started to play to. I give a lot of treats to my lovely dog and female started to do the same, sniffing the cat and play with him with her paws. Today 5th day, they slept together on sofa with my supervision and ate on same plate. Now my question is: can I leave them alone or better in different rooms? I always did everything with supervision and a lota lot of patient.

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