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    Hello everyone, my boy struggling with this alergy between his legs (see picture). Has anyone gone through a similar experience. He doesn't really complain about it, only licks it once in a while. Super active, good digestion, all good. He has Purina Pro Plan and Gold Pro Plan. Can it be from what he eats? From plants? Insects? Will go for a blood test but meanwhile if anyone has gone through a similar situation please let me know. Thanks!

  • Has this come on suddenly or gradually? Any new bags of food opened lately? Any change in routine? New cleaners being used in the laundry or house? I would assume as it is winter where you are that allergies to pollens or insects are unlikely. I'm not a fan of Purina, although my boy was eating Pro Plan when I got him eight years ago with no observable ill effects.

    My boy has a seasonal allergy which I am attributing to ragweed (although I can't be sure), but that is a late August through September thing, and usually on his legs, especially if in contact with dewy grasses.

  • Grain free is best, IMO… and this looks more like yeast infection to me?

  • Finley had the same exact thing. It started slightly red and then became what I would call more of a "raw" texture. Same location same look, everything. The vet told me it was a bacterial/fungal infection and gave us a cream. The cream cleared it up completely but then it came back. We made a second trip to the vet and they gave us a spray. The rash still wasn't completely cleared up and a different vet gave her an antibiotic shot. The last vet said they should have started with the shot and supplemented with the topical cream if necessary.

  • Isn't a yeast infection usually itchy (and smelly?). I guess a good question is whether the dog has been on antibiotics for anything recently…..

    Personally I get contact allergy rashes, which is why I asked about cleaning products.

  • Digital had a rash on his belly/groin that flared up; went to the vet and was given Tritop and it went away. Came back, used the ointment, went away. Did that maybe 3 or 4 times before it did not come back. His wasn't quite as bad as rash in the photo, but placement and redness looks similar.

  • add:

    Digital was on grainfree food, no changes in detergent, etc. never found a cause

  • If you check the Facebook posts, a few have also confirmed that they had similar experiences where the vet told them bacterial infection like I suggested in my previous post. You likely will need an antibiotic to clear It up.

  • Yeast infections are not always itchy and smelly, at least not with my Basenjis that have had it….

  • I've been fortunate enough not to have any yeast infections with my dogs, so I can't speak from firsthand experience…....but that's what I had read. Too bad the OP hasn't been back to fill in more detail!

  • My tri boy lost hair in spots his first winter with us. I assumed it was a food allergy, but my vet told me most skin problems are caused by environmental sensitivities. Sure enough, I finally realized his problem started in the fall when the furnace came on; His crate was right beside a furnace grate. When I moved his crate, the hair grew back. All of which is to say it'll take some detective work to figure this out.

    It does look like a contact dermatitis, 'tho! From the location of the problem, I'd ask if your B spends a lot of time lying on the carpet or his blanket in the "frog" position. If the carpet is wool, has rug shampoo or deodorizer powder residues, a rash could develop in that area. If he "scoots" across the rug on his tummy, it could even be rug burn…If his bedding has accumulated a lot of dust mites or was washed in strong detergents without sufficient rinsing, or a fabric softener was used that could trigger an eczema-like rash, and licking of the area would make it more chapped.

  • Yeast infections are pretty common for dogs, not just Basenjis… so a Vet visit is in order and a scraping of the site to ID what is going on... IMO

  • What is seen in this picture is not just hair loss… this is some type of infection... again IMO... I am not a Vet and only a Vet can determine... but I will say that you need the RIGHT Vet to determine... a specialist sounds in order unless your Vet is into this type of problems

  • First Basenji's

    Hi everyone. We will have the result of the blood test on Tue, will let you know. Regardless of that I will ask to try your proposal here on anti-biopics. I take the opp to thank you big time for taking the time to kindly share a light on such a difficult topic.

  • Did they do a scraping of the infected area?

  • My 4 year old gets this also - started several months ago and my vet gave us Keratolux and Resicourt (shampoo and lotion) but they don't seem to do much. Seems to be related somehow to certain fabrics and stress like right before class or events (based on when flareups occur). I will have to ask my vet about possibility of yeast infection.

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    Hi folks, blood exam results are out indicating the root cause as some type of acarus. We will now drill down into that with further exams to identify which specific acarus is causing this and treat is accordingly. Meanwhile we have been given him cortisone pills and the reduction of the readiness was immediate. Keep you posted!

  • First Basenji's

    Quick update: second blood test confirmed allergy to 4 kind of acarus (not too bad, usually 6, some cases with more than 10). Treatment: 20 weeks, shots every week during the 1st month then once a month. $150 starting Monday! By the way the cortisone pills cleared it all in 3 days.

  • Hope the shots help. Have unfortunately seen people go through the trouble and expense and it not help. Glad they know what it doing it though!

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