• We are having a somewhat brutal allergy season in Chicago, and i know both Matt and I have been suffering, but i think Waffles might have allergies too! For the past couple days her nose and eyes have been pinker than normal, she has been rubbing her eyes, and they have been watering/producing eye boogers. Can dogs be affected by seasonal allergies? She has a routine vet appointment next week, but i wasn't sure if i should try to take her in sooner! (behavior wise she is acting fine - still as high energy as ever!)

  • Yes, dogs most definitely can have seasonal allergies!

  • Dogs can definitely have seasonal allergies. Give Dr. Silverman a call or email and ask about the benadryl dose for her weight.

  • First Basenji's

    Ya my puppy Dolce seems to be affected with this as well according to her vet. She suggested we look into pet insurance if it continues beyojnd just the season. I do not know what to do as of right now. I am going to look into everything..

  • Oh, yes! Dogs can have seasonal allergies!!! Mine has seasonal (weeds and grasses) allergies, food allergies, and is even allergic to humans. His allergies are considered pre-existing conditions now, so pet insurance is not an option for us.

    Your vet will probably start your dog on Benadryl, but we've also had prescriptions for hydroxyzine and Zyrtec for our dog (only use these with your vet's dosing instructions).

    A simple thing you can do is to wipe off your dog with a damp cloth to get any pollen off of her paws and belly. It will keep her from tracking outdoor allergens inside, just as you would prevent by taking off your shoes at the door.

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